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Rd10 Magic Round: May 5th-7th 2023


Staff member
Thinking and planning to go to my first magic round

NRL have just brought out 3 day passes only, on ticketek

For those that have been up to this before , do they release single day passes at a later date ??

Not really interested in attending other games, maybe get in earlier to watch the game before Parras game if anything

Two years in a row we dont lose a home game

Eels play on the Sunday
May 7th
150pm Tigers v Dragons
4pm Roosters v Cowboys
615pm Titans v Eels

Gary Gutful

Thinking and planning to go to my first magic round
the simpsons magic GIF

Happy MEel

First Grade
@Noise and @Happy MEel - Brewski and The Scratch are both within walking distance of Suncorp Stadium. Two of the best craft beer bars in the country. Apologies if you are already aware and have sampled.
No apologies needed. I’ve never been anywhere near Suncorp in my life so any recommendations are appreciated. Hopefully you can head down and play tour guide.