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Rd13: EELS v Cowboys GAME DAY THREAD @ Fortress Commbank 26/05/23


On the game. I thought it was a bludger of a game. A bit boring and low quality. There was a few standouts and good moments.
The game never should of become a nail bitter one up 18-6
Things went our way a bit and there's also. But Guths had a few brain fart moments I thought during the game. Moses I don't feel took control enough in that period when Cowboys come back. It would of beena nervous final 4 mins had the peanut not passed off the kick off when it got so close.

A lot of decent individual performances. Also going to struggle when you lose your starting prop after 10mins . Any news in his injury?
The pack once everyone is fit will be top 3min comp. Injuries suck but what it is doing for Greig and Bryce right now is only going to make us stronger come the back end of the year.
Nth qld plays ba ball too and we were much better at it last night. They were slow if you asked me. That's why it was so boring and so tight. Completing high and hoping the other makes a mistake

Guth has been teaching Russell you can see the way Russell catches a high ball is similar to guth. Guth was also shit on the wing when he first came and dropped ball after ball. But he practiced and persevered and now is one of the best under the high balls even Burton's kicks.

Good on guth for teaching and good on russ on Practising.

Now is to get jh as a 9s coach to guide hand, meni and arthurs and we'll be in better shape


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Ok this thread was interesting :p

Considering our middles were reggies or rookies, we did good. Our biggest struggle that I could see was poor post contact metres, until maybe Emu’s second stint.

Otherwise everyone stood up and played pretty well.

I have not seen any replays, but I thought the cows were offside all match and held us down in the ruck without any scrutiny.

Gutho - same energy. Woukd not swap him.
Sivo - I get that people wish he was different, but he is who he is.
Penisini - great D, rolled out of a few tackles from the rookie.
Simonsson - had a dig. Crabbed a bit. Good energy.
Russell - he’s 21 and learning. Good kid, played strong.
Brown - His best games are more consistent now. Love it.
Moses - ditto
Emu - didn’t bend the line until his second stint. He did well considering he rolled his ankle.
Hodgo - look we need two hookers. Everyone has their own opinions as to when he should be on or off. He’s not as bad as many make out. Pointless conversation.
Joffa - calf ?
Carty - continued his great form. Said during the week that BA was the best coach he’s ever had. Maybe he’s the only coach he’s listened to ? Will we re-sign him ? He’s worth much more than a pie n coke contract now.
Doorey- still not 80m fit, but pushed through. Had a good game.
Hopgood - they were all over his offloads. There must have been a tipsheet on him. Love him.

Oggy - Big human and played strong. Didn’t embarrass himself again.
Makka - looked small out there but brought energy.
Hands - did good things. We need to clone him cos we need two of him.
Luka - at the ground all his mad merkin mates from Waverley College were there in the NW corner with their shirts off cheering. He did good. Probably stayed on a little too long but were were a man down. I liked his youthful enthusiasm.

I wanna say that I reckon Baz has our shape in the red zone looking sharp and our halves playing really confident. We are not Souths sharp, but we showed some quick hands a few time to get the ball to sivo or russell.


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I liked what I saw of Moretti, he has a really high work rate, and seemed to be in everything although not playing big minutes

Emu, just gets better every week, he really is coming along well

We look so much better with Hands playing bigger minutes, should have brought him on after the first minute

Still wanna have Dylbro's babies, no better half in the NRL at defending


First Grade
The officiating today was the worst I have seen for a long time.

Forward pass calls against us but 2 blantent ones from the cowboys.

Russel's no try going up as a no try instead of a try then the bunker reviewing it. No where did he have seperation.

Cowboys laying in the ruck and we got 2 set restarts.

Penalty on our line when Moretti put his hands on their f**kwits of a Halfback.

Gutho getting tackled without the ball penalty over turned by Klien.

The Cowboys last challenge Klien spent 5 minutes trying to over turn it.
Look I think he let both teams have a lot of latitude and just it flow by staying out of it.

It was consistent at least even if we didn't get many penalties neither did they.

Grant Atkins in the Canberra match penalised us out of the match that night and was 10 x worse then last night.


Post Whore
Look I think he let both teams have a lot of latitude and just it flow by staying out of it.

It was consistent at least even if we didn't get many penalties neither did they.

Grant Atkins in the Canberra match penalised us out of the match that night and was 10 x worse then last night.
Maybe im biased (lol, more than maybe) - but i thought the thing was, it seemed obvious the cows tactics were to slow the f**k out of the play the ball, so the leniency favoured them.

Maybe thats on us to adapt and play to it aswell, but i dont know if players can flip mid game when its drilled in their brains to not give away penalties.


Post Whore
I just dont get why the NRL seems to have completely flipped on set restarts.
They were happy to give dozens of them, but it seems the last few weeks there are practically none.

Not saying its necessarily a bad thing. But i have serious doubts teams suddenly perfected their ruck infringements. It must be a genuine nrl change.
I think they overachieved last season so unfortunately for Payten that level has become their expected baseline.

A poem.

Great Expectations, Payten 22
Nuffy team of plodders
Told the Game
f**k you.

23 rolls around
The boys can’t stay erect
Starford smashes Val
Queensland derelict

Toddy should have read the room
And last year ran 15th
Now he’s stuck as a poor clubs Bellamy
And his coaching seems bereft.

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