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Rd16 2021: Non Parra games


I've started watching something else at half time in a few games due to that.
So far this year there have been 22 games won by 30 points or more. 66-0 Manly v the Dogs, 66-16 Storm v Tigers, 46-0 Souths v Broncos, 46-0 Storm v Roosters, 46-4 Rooster v Manly, 40-6 Rooster v Tigers, 44-8 Titans v Cowboys, 46-6 Panthers v Manly, 38-0 Souths v Bulldogs, 40-6 Storm v Broncos, 48-10 Sharks v Cowboys, 52-18 Storm v Bulldogs, 36-0 Manly v Titans, 46-6 Eels v Titans, 40-6 Manly v Tigers, 38-4 Roosters v Knights, 50-0 Storm v Rabbits, 48-0 Panthers v Sharks, 50-6 Manly v Broncos, 48-12 Panthers v Titans. There are a lot of games that came close to 30 point wins as well.


So I wonder what the Canberra Assistant Coach Ennis will have to say. Such a critical pr*ck of everyone else.