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Rd16: Parra v Penrith GAME DAY THREAD @ Bluebet Stadium 2/7/21


Post Whore
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Great test! Although I feel it will be a similar scoreline as last night with the Panthers dominating!

The Storm and Panthers are so far ahead of the rest it isn't even funny.

We have too many errors in us to really trouble a side as good as the Panthers, with or without Cleary.

Go the Eels!


Well if we're even a remote chance of challenging the top two sides, we will get a pretty good guide tonight.

We're unlikely to get a better chance to match the Panthers than tonight. Cleary is out, half their team is recovering from an Origin victory, all bar one of our players has had a week off playing. We're about to hit a mini culmination of our season by playing one of the top teams and then enjoying the Bye so we can set sail for the Finals.

Moses has been given an opening and needs to impress. We will find out a lot about Moses tonight.

Both Panthers and Melbourne have made light work of the 4th and 5th best teams in the comp in recent times, it will be interesting to see if we as the third best team can do much better.

Looking forward to the game, I hope our players rise to the challenge.