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Rd20: Parra v Roosters GAME DAY thread @ Mackay 29/7/21

84 Baby

We need to fix this shit and make some big changes for next week, I’d rather go out giving game time to some youngsters

1. Gutho
2. Russell
3. Penisini
4. Waqa
5. Dunster
6. Brown
7. Moses
8. Kaufusi
9. Mahoney
10. Paulo
11. Papalii
12. Matto
13. Brown

14. Smith
15. Makatoa
16. Hipgrave
17. Lane
Given how Jrthur has been exposed over his games, I’d rather we not chuck all the lambs in with this f**ken shit attitude


Sounds like you are saying we maybe lazy and maybe not as skillful as we could be?

Desire is the problem, watch Melbourne they have desire they swarm to the ball, they power at all times, they never let themselves get dominated they are always fighting. We pick and choose.

It is absolutely coaching (BA or other), that is why teams like the Roosters and Melbourne can lose a shit load of players to injury and still win because their coaching practices set their respective clubs up for success.


I've said this for 5yrs. As a side we do not improve from rnd 1.
The Roosters with so many guys put where able to still build on their season.

Moving forward it is about looking guys for future. Honestly Opacic just doesn't have the attack. Sivo has a few good charges but in general isn't a smart player and gives the impression he doesn't care.
Penisini has to come in. BA I'm sure cant be that dumb not to see you need footballers in your side not just bruts.

W,Smith was a breathe of fresh air out wide in a position he barely ever played.
One of the only teams In world sport who actually regress as the season goes on. It gets worse and worse and then ends in this rabble. f**k the useless coach off.


First Grade
Premiership window is shut IMO. The good teams don't fear us at the business end of the season. A complete overhaul of outside backs and coaching staff is required and it needs to start now so that we might be able to challenge in 2024/25. There's nobody of much value on the open market for 2022 that's going to improve us enough. Need to be patient (again!) and plan for 2-3 years from now
There was no excuse for our forwards to be on the back foot so much, even with RCG not there... need to step up big time in the forwards next week.
Is Moses fit for next week? If not is it worth putting Gutho in the halves with Brown, just to change things up a bit?


We need to make changes.

Moses will be back. I'd shake it right up.

1 Russel/W.Smith
2 Waqa
3 Pensini
4 D.Brown
5 Fergo
6 Gutherson
7 Moses


Why would you put Stone on the bench? He looks like some skinny tradie that stole the jersey. Arthur was poor and slow and I feel sorry for the kid being put in that position.

Ferguson is done as a footballer. I ever want to see him in our jersey again.

BA is finished as our coach. It’s a good chance that he will not win another game with us and be boned.


First Grade
Well Bushy, you have completely broken your sons confidence and potentially destroyed his footy career. He is now starting to look broken and scared.

You f**king absolute moron.
Its not BAs fault. Remember he asked the players and they wanted him there. He then rang Ivan Cleary to confirm the players decision and Ivan confirmed his selection so leave Brad the fu*k alone. 😉
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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
When’s Gutherson off contract, and at his current standard, would you bother re-signing him?
He's down on form, and not dynamic enough for fullback. I think he'd be a good half, but he's certainly not elite. He doesn't deserve elite money.


All of a sudden you have two big wingers still but Waqa gives speed.
2 x centres who can run and create.
2 x halves who can create and a full back with speed.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
It showed his mindset. You reckon Tedesco would’ve said that to any of his players. I don’t care how badly anyone is playing. He’s the captain. If he’s gonna talk that, that’s how the team is gonna play.
What did he say, and to whom? I was watching on Kayo and didn't hear it.


First Grade
Only a rumour , so for what it is .. Cartwright signed with the Dragons is the reason he was off the team sheet. Interesting to see if that has any legs.