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Rd22: Parra v South’s GAME DAY THREAD @ Commbank 12/8/22



Really want this win tonight.
Can't stand Walker, Latrell and playing that fkn song of theirs when they score even at away matches...we owe them.
Massive game, massive crowd. Cmon you mighty Eels. Let's do this


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Souths have this knack to run down hill when in our half and put us on our heels. That left edge attack is dynamite. Id be more confident if Mitch was playing TBH. His kicking game coukd keep them down their end.

Yes they have a very inexperienced backline, so hopefully we just score more trie than them.

Gutho, WTF with that goal kicking. Don’t miss any merkin.

Scared Breaking Bad GIF by davidsaracino


I don't know if I got lucky but it was pretty painless for me but yea I have heard others say it was horrible.
Yeah same, no biggie at all when I had mine. I was prepared for the worst when my dentist said I needed it done courtesy of the stories I'd hear but all in all, it was a piece of piss.... Maybe you and I are just made of sterner stuff... Yeah, I'm gunna go with that....

On to tonight's game. Agree with the sentiment to get all up in Walker's face and give him a bit of a touch-up to bait him and get him off his game. Same goes for Mitchell. Have people noticed how he reacts when he cops a little bit of rough treatment? The scowl on his face and the expletives directed towards the protagonist? It's like he considers himself off limits. Guaranteed to do something stupid if you keep at him....

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