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Rd24 2023: Non Parra games


First Grade
Penrith get the rub off the green from the refs I wonder if the media is going to go on a witch hunt like they did with us last weekend..

the phantom menace

First Grade
A class above, Panthers. #3 was an obvious fill-in, but they still had the structure and quality to accommodate it (and not end up with a Blake-like effort).

Soni Luke goes more than alright - had me thinking Api had returned to the Panthers at moments. Crichton just gets things done. Personally I think they'll pull off the three-peat 😲.

So is Manly's season officially over - now being/staying a point below us.


Staff member
Really need the Titans to do us a solid and pull their finger out this next half.

It's not a lot to ask.

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