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Rd7: Parra v Canberra GAME DAY thread (27/6/20)


Post Whore
Is anyone else concerned that we have had 2 games won and then almost lost them in the last 5mins. The Manly game should of been a wake up call. This one should be having BA put a rocket up them. Woefull to switch off like that.

Not really.

Last night, we:

* lost our halfback 34 minutes into the game;

* had our starting prop go for an HIA;

* had our right centre go for an HIA.

And we still held on to win.

I defy the Roosters, Manly, Melbourne, etc. to face the odds like we did, and pull through; I mean, they probably could, and would, but those circumstances we beat were nothing short of impressive.

T.S Quint

What a fantastic win. I can’t believe we actually did it. So much adversity to get through in that game but they were able to pull it off. Thought we were gone after Moses went off and the refs calls kept falling their way.
Absolutely disgraceful performance by the refs in that game. So glad we overcame that and got the two points.
The game really should have been wrapped up much earlier though, tbh. We had a 12 point lead with 3 minutes to go and allowed them to even the scores. When Taka made his huge run to get us down their end it should have been obvious to take a field goal. I guess with Moses not on the field no one really thought to do it, but it was worth taking the shot from the quick play-the-ball Taka provided. In saying that, Gutho missed that first one in extra time which looked like an easy shot. He actually nailed the one which seemed more difficult.

Gutherson, RCG and Paulo were all immense. Jennings was great, as was Niukore.


No it was cause it was the last play of the game and for the win. If Manly was already infront or if Parra was up by 10 and it had not effected the win then I doubt it gets much coverage.
The Canberra try was early, Parra still won and even if they hadn't the timing of when it happens changed how we approached game. Which we where able to do.

Manly was robbed and didnt get a chance
Except that the ref's call was correct.


Post Whore

I think people are misconstruing the whole ordeal; I have it on good authority that what Farva was actually doing, was signalling to Ricky what his IQ was.

It seems that the Grub Machine wanted to set up a particular play, but he needed players with IQ's above 3 to carry it out (and, considering we are dealing with the Grub Machine roster here, that's no small feat); Farva responded by raising his fingers, proudly telling Daddy Stick that he has an IQ of 2.