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Reasons to be Cheerful Pt. 3...


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Change, and everything is change. Nothing can be held onto.

To the degree that you go with a stream You see, you are still, you're flowing with it

But to the degree you resist the stream. Then you notice that the current Is rushing past you and fighting you.

So swim with it, go with it. And you're there.

You're at rest.


It's not that hard finding a few positives when you need to. Here's a few:
1. Dragons NSW Cup team led a game for about 5 minutes on Sunday. Gotta be an improvement.
2. The NRL team has won one game which is better than our NSW Cup team.
3. Next Saturday the game is at WIN Stadium. The Dragons actually win more than they lose in the Gong. And their thrashings there are rarer than at Kogarah where they have had some terrible losses in recent times.
4. My cricket was washed out on Saturday arvo so I was able to watch coverage of the Steelers SG Ball side beating the formerly undefeated Raiders.
5. You can only improve when you hit rock bottom. If yesterday's loss to the Sharks was not rock bottom, it must have been very close.


First Grade

Rava hasnt been put on report, sent to the sin bin or been wiped out for 5 weeks.

Lawrie scored his 2nd NRL try.

Woods hasn't played a 1st grade game this year.

After 3 games we have scored 2 points more than at the same time last year (58 - 56 yeah!!!)

After 4 games last year we were 15th this year 14th (yeah!!!)

Baby steps, that's what the positives are, just baby steps.


Ravalawa has been pretty good under kicks so far, some great takes under pressure. Returning the ball strongly and minimising errors of the past.
Couchman is a player for the future, hope his brother is as good.
Riddle is promising, but not entirely convinced he will thrive under the coach.
Mate the coach is gone , They couldn't be that stupid again and reappoint him , would they ? .......

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