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Retro Collectables


First Grade

In the last few years, I've been accumulating Retro and future collectable gaming items. I thought it would be cool to hear what other people have, had or want to buy/collect.

The collection is starting to get sizable and there's a lot of quirky stuff in there. Mostly old Sega, Atari, Nintendo consoles, games, peripherals and random stuff. For instance, I've just found a bunch of random countertop "tips and tricks" cards, which were put on counters in the 80's in various gaming stores. I thought they were really cool, probably not much value but unique.


I have original posters from the 80's, marketing material etc.

Does anyone else do the same? What do you think will increase in value? What do you have?

Big Pete

I'd consider myself more of a gaming hoarder. I've kept everything I've bought/received since childhood so largely Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and for whatever reason the Sega Saturn. I haven't bought anything retro for years now. Back in the day I was actively chasing after SNES and N64 games but the market just never crashed and it was difficult to get good deals especially off of ebay. I haven't really checked back in since, I can only imagine how bad COVID is.

However that hasn't stopped me from looking back at retro titles. Lately I've been deep diving on the PS1 and looking at games like Rapid Reload, Bruce Willis' Apocalypse, Blasto etc. Either games that were marketed heavily or that have just been lost in time.

I don't really consider it retro, but I've also been looking more into X Box as well. That was my peak Mountain Dew swilling nerd era but the X Box was definitely a distant third for me behind the PS2 and GameCube. The system is actually reasonable to collect for and while the SEGA releases will set you back a lot of the other titles are only $10. I don't think X Box is ever going to have the same demand as Nintendo but there's a lot of quality games you can get dirt at your local CEX.

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