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Round 10 versus the Titans


Really appreciate all the passive aggressive “buddy” “mate” language in this post, quality trolling.
Especially where he says “Year 3 starts next year [ie. 2023] and Year 5 starts in 2024”
Year 5 would be 2025 where I went to school 🤣
Really appreciate all the passive aggressive “buddy” “mate” language in this post, quality trolling.
Really appreciate all the passive aggressive “buddy” “mate” language in this post, quality trolling.
Really appreciate all the passive aggressive “buddy” “mate” language in this post, quality trolling.


Have we ever won in that all red shit away strip?
It’s jinxed and just too much advantage to the opposition, along with our dumb play and sideways running.

Surely our attack coach can just emphasis the basic need to run hard in a forward direction and support the ball carrier…..it’s not rocket science.
Sign andrew John’s to work on the attack

Blood Shot Eyes

First Grade
Irrespective of who dropped what or who missed what we had plenty of opportunities to close out the game AND SHOULD HAVE......there were at least one or two occasions when we were working within field goal range with tackles up our sleeve where our blokes crabbed sideways and moved the play away from the centre of the field ....FFS !!! fellas its schoolboy stuff that you stay in the guts to give whoever an opportunity to pot one in front...seriously at times our blokes astound me with just how dumb they can be.


Throw in Hunt and Lomax and that's almost half the cap on six players, so how do we pay the other 24 and stay under the cap?

No quick fixes.
Caps $9.2M plus 3rd parties


IMO opinion, Hunt can't manage a game. His good games are only when the whole team plays well. In golden point when we started a set on about the half way line (i think Tino dropped it on the first tackle), any decent halfback would have steered his team towards the posts for a field goal. We play boring 1 out runs all season, which is what this moment called for, 5 good hard straight runs and set yourself for the field goal. But no, in this instance Hunt decides to take the line on and loses the ball on about the second or third tackle.
It's hard to believe. I love how he tries his guts out for them but he just can't seem to be able to come up with the match winning plays or direction when needed most. He does plenty of good stuff but then does crap like that.
He should be hooker, there's no doubt. But the coach is one dimensional and boring.

Lindsay Moss

Our dickhead coach decides to bring Sloane back on a wet track.
He can't use his speed or evasion skills. It was not the right week to bring Sloane back, it has just f#### his confidence more.
For this game Mbye should have stayed back at fullback and Sullivan to start at hooker.
Our coaches late changes never work.
everyone yourself included probably cried to bring sloane back he waited until after we played the storm not his fault it pissed down all week the guy can't kick the goals make the tackle's and all the on field decisions if Lomax kicks the goal after the Suli try this hole forum talk is completely different. The team had a great dig in my opinion especially the first twenty odd minutes with all restarts i am not happy with the lose like everyone else and we have things to fix up we all wished for all the young guys to be in the team some times you need to be careful what you wish for.
Disappointed with many of the comments of our forum members.

Rookies make mistakes. They need time to gel in first grade.

Sullivan needs to start. He is a good organiser and has a kicking game. The other two rookies lifted immediately upon him taking the field. Has vision/footy brain.

Hook should have stuck with the rookies early in the season.

We were more fluid in attack when Sullivan came on.

Zac Lomax kicks a difficult goal and misses an easier attempt.

Many of the forwards simply don’t tackle with venom. Too many arm and jersey grabs. Too many sides roll effortlessly up the field against us.

In my view Hook shoulders the majority of the blame.

Too much one out running. No decoy runners. Generally no one backing up.

We are at best a side capable of finishing 8th and at worst we would be lucky to avoid the spoon.

Sua and Macguire would have a difference.

As supporters we love our club but need to be realistic. The club needs better cattle.


First Grade
I agree with everything you've written here except lumping Sullivan into the "patchy" category.

The moment he came on we started looking like an actual NRL team, he completely changed our game.

The only thing you can criticise him for is being run over the top of by Wallace ... But if you are going to criticise an 80kg 20yo rookie for getting steamrolled by a 115kg seasoned prop, then you are looking to blame the wrong thing. The try came as a result of Lomax missing a conversion from 5m to the left of the posts, followed up by Sloane trying a Hollywood pass on halfway which turned possession over for the try scored off the very next set.

Sullivan needs to be starting half next week. Amone on bench as utility. If McCullough is back he plays hooker for 55 minutes and then Amone comes on.
I had similar thoughts about Sullivan , the young bloke is a footballer , a smart one at that and certainly the best out of Sloan and Amone .

However the lad needs to be in the top grade on a regular basis so as to sharpen his game and of course gain that ever so valuable experience .

As to Amone and Sloan ,unfortunately they still have a long way to go before they can be regarded as quality players .


I didnt watch the match tonight but ive read enough comments on here to make a few comments.
After watching the Melbourne Panthers match it seems apparent that the split from the top teams to the bottom teams is now quite wide and were definately one of the bottom ones. I never thought as a Saints/Dragons supporter that i would ever see it or have to say it. It also seems to me that this sort of split may now be permanent.
I cant understand how our coaches cant watch videos of the top teams and replicate what they do. Seems to be that the difference isnt necessarily all about how they play-its the intent they put into it. Watching the Panthers still driving opposition players back 5m in tackles with 2 mins to go. We seem to have lost that intensity quite a few years ago. Now the top teams have massive pride in wearing their jerseys. Its something that was always associated with the Dragons jersey but not anymore.
Each week we hear a different reason for why we lost, but its now become each year we hear it, and now its past a decade and were still hearing it.
Im getting more interested in watching A and B grade or U20 and U18 park footy every year. I see guys trying and doing it for free, with a crowd of people who love the game. Sadly now there is almost no St George junior football left. I have to go to Cronulla every week to watch matches. Theres maybe 1 or 2 U18 matches in our area at Cahill Park. To me it represents everything that is now wrong with St George. I think like a few other original clubs were a relic of the past and the modern game has moved past us.
Very sadly I have to agree.
The state of play is:
1. Sub average team.
2. No X factor.
3. Speed seriously lacking.
4. Individuals lacking basic skills
5. Dumb play execution.
6. Continual wrong options.
7. Poor player selections and recruitment.
8. The entire squad needs a cleanout.
9. Young talent not being exploited or promoted.
10. If things stay the same the club will be in the wilderness for years to come.


First Grade
I don’t understand how people can say the coaches aren’t at fault, it’s the players fault.
The team looks like nobody knows their role in attack, all just trying to do it themselves.
They aren’t being taught properly, there is no tactical attack.
They are missing 50 plus tackles a week every week, they aren’t being motivated properly, they aren’t concentrating.
Biggest problem is discipline, they give away penalties at crucial times and they lay in the play the ball way too long, they deserve all the six agains, it’s not refs being biased or unfair.
If that isn’t the coaches fault I don’t know what is. He has had a season and a half to fix this issue, we’ve been the worst offenders since the rule came in. Teach them exactly how long they are able to hold the play the ball player down before they need to get off him!


It's hard to believe. I love how he tries his guts out for them but he just can't seem to be able to come up with the match winning plays or direction when needed most. He does plenty of good stuff but then does crap like that.
He should be hooker, there's no doubt. But the coach is one dimensional and boring.
And what pisses me off the most with our dumb side is that this point called for boring and one dimensional, yet Hunt tried to be clever. I can bet you any Dragon's supporter watching would have said "5 strong hit ups and field goal" yet we f'ed it up.


Went to the game, I think my 8th dragons game at suncorp, and still yet to see a dragons victory in person which sucks.

On the topic of our juniors, Sullivan should 100% be in the starting side ahead of Junior. We need someone who can manage our forwards and direct them around the park. Junior only seems to be threatening 5 out and is otherwise easily marked. Sullivan has vision.

I was surprised with Sloan for how small he is was able to poke his nose through the line a couple times and almost create. Errors killed him though. Rookie errors. I don't know if we keep him there to get experience or drop him to ressies, his confidence would be shot after tonight.
We keep him there , Sloan ,Sully, Amone ,they all need to be there , mistakes will happen they are playing in key positions ...... Dropping them wont help their development , we will be lucky to make the 8 with them or without them so give them every chance to make it ......