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Round 11 team

This Year?

This will be me on Saturday night.


First Grade
Unsurprised but disappointed he has gone with the same side.… Liddle by all reports had a strong game in Reggie’s. He obviously feels his idea of Hunt going to 9 to bring Bud on will work, just needs more time.…. Lomax still in limbo.
Looking at this side and Hooks tenure in general, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by a lot of the recruitment; Alvaro, Burns, JetSki a hobbled Burgei, BMM, Musgrove…. Our kids are talented but taking some time to fulfil potential and develop consistency. In that time surely you need good recruits to build around them. Hoping they can turn it around against the Cows.


Even with Taumalolo and Nanai out I still can't see us getting the win, in fact I think we lose by a lot more than 2 this week. The boys struggle against the Cows for some reason and with Hook sticking with a losing formula yet again, there's little to feel confident about.