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Round 12 v Bulldogs


i have a good feeling about thursday (which i dont think ive said in years). We played well against souths in horrible conditions, defensively i loved it we were shutting them down and not letting them go anywhere. The boys have had a much needed rest whereas canterbury are coming off a slug fest. Hopefully Luciano is back, its crucial our fowards get on top of them early and dont let them in the game.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
I think the Flanno's and RFM will be extra motivated to win this. I have a fear of the backline which is far more superior than the Dragons in terms of speed and skill. But the Dragoons forwards and halves should be able to counter that I hope. It will be an interesting game. If Saints can win this it would set up a really nice buffer between the Dragons and the Dogs/Tigers which everyone had them finishing 2024 better than Saints and had all these guys sign for them.

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