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Round 13 - Dolphins


Will be interesting to see how Amone goes now that Hunt is out of the picture
He needs to step up. Otherwise the pressure on Sullivan and
Start is enterprising of with an 8 point try.
Fouled in the act of scoring.
Then Stone dumps MM after he got the ball away.
Then once we throw a pressure pass and it all unravels.
I said after one try it's how they bounce back after that penalties, six against and a bin
Poor defence in those tries not great play.
Shoot ourselves in the foot.
They controlled it when on a roll.
Got back with a late try.
We should be following Liddle everywhere.
If Mbye comes on that will stifle our attack, Liddle needs to stay on.
All depends on how much ball we have in the 2nd half.
surely they won’t take liddle off for mbye??? Please no.