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Round 13 - Dolphins


Would of been interesting if we got a try after ht.
But as usual it went the other way.
Tried hard but gassed which I can't believe but because they don't do anything with the ball.
Last week was a flash in the pan
Spoon coming, we might jag a ein or two here or there.but we might he gonski by then.

Dragon for life

I think there are some positives to take out this performance. For one they were out on their feet due to lack of possession and lacked spark in attack due to this. They seem to have learnt to run on to the ball and bend the defensive line.

For me Amone is crap and need to go back and practice a bit more.
Ref's decide more results than players or coaches do.
One ten minute spell of dubious penalties, restarts and the odd BS sin-binning will cook any team that's on the receiving end.
Having said that... our defence around the ruck is as soft as Sorbent, we run sideways a lot and we're too slow. And dumb.
Sooooo dumb.

Dragon David

First Grade
Look, we have just got to admit that our players just aren't good enough. We cannot win away, our attack is still useless and the refs just don't like us. De Belin sin bin, Molo just goes into a tackle and the Dolphins player just rolls his head into the leg of Molo and it becomes a crusher tackle. How could Molo move his leg away? Did he say to the player come on hit my leg and I will crush your neck?

Wooden spooners is now ours to dish up more garbage next year?


Dropped for next week:

Feagai (big wraps but turns out him and his brother are a dime a dozen type players)
Mbye (serves no purpose with Hunt back)
Amone ( needs to work on his craft in reserves, just not stepping up but there might be a player in there somewhere)
Michael Molo ( talk about plod)

I'm Hornby

Our much spoken about and overhyped rookies had 80 minutes like they've had before and showed not much. Sullivan and Amone got schooled by Milford on how a half needs to organise, communicate and look to build pressure through repeat sets. Not every play has to be a flashy play that belongs on a highlight reel, will either of them learn is the big question.

Sloan got schooled by Nikorima on picking the right moments to involve himself.

The kids have a lot to learn it seems.

Dragon David

First Grade
I have wanted to see Sloan blossom this year. My mate who had been his teacher in high school had wraps on him and said that he would be great, but after seeing him play this year, I am convinced that he isn't the fullback that will carve up the opposition or set up tries like Edwards, Gutherson, etc., etc.

It is no use in moving any one of the other players into that position because they wouldn't be much. We need a solid defensive and fast fullback who doesn't give a f ck charging in and defending hard and running hard in attack.

We have problems on the wing as well and Slomax is slow in the centres. Our forwards are weak and don't show any authority in attack and defence.

Ryles or whoever has a big job to sort out our player needs and Carr unfortunately cannot do much but try his best as the interim and we get rid of Ben Woolf.

We literally have no direction without hunt… Surely after this season sloan is gone.. too many chances for him he’s worse than Dufty and any other fullback at this point

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