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Round 13 - Rabbitohs vs Raiders: Saturday 27th May 7:35pm @Accor Stadium


Knighty needs to look in the mirror being hooked after 19min and not getting back on due to “lesser” names out performing him is embarrassing


Host and Chee Kam were ordinary because they are ordinary.
Neither have the strength of the speed to break the line, they are ok for bench depth forwards but they offer no impact.
Shaq was very good, HE offers impact. We need more guys like that.
Yes, the next TWO games are definetly MUST WINS. The Table is crammed so cannot afford to keep losing winnable games!!
Cannot understand all the continual forward changes. Demetriou needs to settle on the pack and dump guys like Chee-Kam and Knight. Where hark hail is Big TomB? Three games sans Tom B and the team has been very ordinary.