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Round 14 vs Dragons


I like Martin on the bench for now. He’s always struggled for consistency through his career and is in a bit of a purple patch right now. I personally suspect being forced to play long minutes, although he’s capable of it, doesn’t benefit him or us. Same with Sorro and Hosking. Give them 55 each and you leave gas in the tank for a middle stint and Salmon can sit on the bench fresh unless there’s an injury.


Updated team list.

No Salmon on the bench!! Leniu back on the bench.

Strongest bench I’ve seen in a long time!!

Im expecting Tago will come in and Peachey probably drops back to the bench in place of Luke or Smith.

Just guessing here. Or possibly Tago will start from the bench in place of one of those two?


Personally if tago comes in and peach drops out I think that's our best 17.

Marto coming on at 2nd row off the bench on left after 25. Playing out the game. Switching over to the right when soro comes back on and hosking goes off with 20 or so to go.

Lenui and Smith to share minutes in middle with fish and Moses.

Soni to play the last 30

It's a good balanced bench with good impact
I was told he was going to play NSW Cup for match fitness last week. I guess kept him fresh for cover, I doubt he doesn't play.

Riki was named but is injured. So that is 1 known change
Given the quality of the bench as it stands today, and if they win comfortably, you would think that Salmon may have some difficulty in getting back in the squad, pending injuries/Origin.

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