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Round 17 - v Dolphins


The Phins are a well-disciplined and coached side. If they make minimal errors they will flog us just like they did in the first game. Dragons just cant compete with a team that makes no errors. This is the start of a very tough run and it will be a real eye opener to where we sit compared to other teams. We will need a lot of luck to win this one.


This home game has to be a win for us but the Dolphins will be hard to beat after their loss to the Storm in a very entertaining game. Do we have the enough speed to outrun the Dolphins? Say what you want.
Was going to start thread but thought you might.
Playing at Jubilee I will be there all being equal.
Tough game we owe them one.
Being at home a. big chance.
They will play for the 80 min
Also unlucky to lose to the Storm as both scored great tries.
We usually go better and home so let's go boys.
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2pm Sunday at Jubilee, $1.90 each of 2 at this stage.
Our record in Sunday games generally not great for some reason.

Our record in games on days that end in Y has not been great.....but only for like 12 years or so.

Flanno and the boys need to go over the tapes of our last Dolphins game and a couple of this years' Dolphins losses and come up with a whole new game plan. We should have beat Manly, we really should have but we let them win, Nathan Brown came out and led the Manly forwards in a fightback and our forwards shit themselves and our backs played like the reserve graders they are, apart from wonder boy Lomax who instead dropped the ball about eighteen times. Is Suli back ? I effing hope so and I want Finau back in the team too - send Tuipulotu and Max Feagai back where they belong. Hopefully Hunt, Suá and Lomax can replicate their post-SOO heroics from Round 14 and play like men possessed again.
As I said earlier, in the first half against Manly we created 6-7 opportunities to score and blew all but 2 of them. We need to stick those opportunities and make them count and then go on with it.