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Round 20 v Rabbits


First Grade

Good to hear thr Coach give a wrap to Josh Coric. He's going to be a very special player for us and I hope we lock him up long term. Wouldn't surprise if he was elevated straight into the top 30 squad next year.


As usual plenty of straight talking & positivity from Hook.
Interesting his mention of Coric, saying he would have played NRL this year if not for injuries.
Must confess I know little about him but have been interested in those on here that do say very good things about him.


The only comment I'll make as far as Hook goes is, if his major role is culture and motivational, even his staunchest supporters would have to admit that, at the moment, he certainly seems to be failing in those aspects, considering he himself, specifically warned the players not to get together and get on the drink after the warriors game and they went ahead anyway, resulting in the debacle at Vaughan's place.

My biggest concern with Hook at the moment is that even though he is talking. the team don't seem to be listening.
Good points. Back in the bad old McGregor days I wondered how a team could have so much talent but do so poorly. I was one of McGregor's biggest critics. My thinking was get rid of him and we could only go up.

My first shock was DeBelin getting caught up in his scandal. Even though charges were dropped he did put himself in a bad situation, bad judgement, etc. I was and still am a DeBelin fan and Greenberg and the NRL can cold smoke a #ick the way they handled the situation but Jack's actions provided a clue.

McGregor left and things were looking up.

I was and maybe still a Paul Vaughn fan but the BBQ debacle was a clue bat hitting me upside the head. "The team don't seem to be listening" and I'm thinking a lot of the blame for the past few years can also be laid upon many of the players. Loads of talent but maybe only utilized when the players felt like it or fit their own agenda.

I wouldn't write Hook off yet but hope he jettisons those that can't seem to listen and build from the ground up.

Dragon David

I'm hoping that the local crowd gives us a warm welcome and urges us on to play really well. Well enough to scramble for a win, that would be nice for both Griffin and Hunt and of course the rest of the team. It's Tariq's 200th game as well so, go get 'em boys. Play hard, tough and enterprising footy today. Don't believe it's a fait accompli that the other team is better. You can do it!!


First Grade
Just a gut feeling but JP to the wing, Beale to the centres, Corey Norman medical sub. Sullivan to take over the goal kicking duties.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
It looks like Hook is setting these kids up to fail? Why not do this against the weaker sides than a top 4 side? I would loved to have seen this side against Manly (minus turbo) or Titans.

I really hope they stand up today and play well and good luck to the kids. If they win it will go down as one of the best wins for a long time. Browny once took a bunch of rookies to NZ and came away with a tough win against a strong Warriors team. This will be better than that as Souths are a top 4 side and Warriors were not at that time.

I can see Saints copping an injury to a back, poor Billy Burns to be moved to centre and Souths to run in 3-4 tries down his side with ease. Only takes one injury to a key player to change a game.

This game is a look out our future and will earn these kids good experience.