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Round 21 - Rabbitohs vs Warriors: Saturday 6th August 3pm @Sunshine Coast Stadium


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It's a new week which also brings with it a new Round so it's time to look towards Round 21 as we take on the Warriors up there on the Sunshine Coast. Will be great for us to once again take a home game up there as we have done for a number of years now with great success and hopefully that success continues. After just missing out on the result against the Sharks, this game against the Warriors becomes absolutely crucial. No doubt about it is a must win and there is a fair bit riding on it for us. Simply have to walk away with the two points. Being a Kiwi myself, but also a proud Rabbitoh, it's always a massive game when we play the Warriors. I have plenty of mates who are Warriors fans and I'd never hear the end of it if we were to lose so bragging rights are once again on the line this weekend.

With no disrespect to the Warriors, on paper, this is a game we really should be winning. They do struggle at times, especially against the top teams and they seem to be having another one of those inconsistent Seasons where you're not quite sure which side will turn up. In saying that, I know it's cliche' but every game in the NRL is a tough game and I don't want to see us underestimate them. Treat them with the same respect we would any other opposition. They'll come out firing I have no doubt about that and with nothing to loser now in 2022, they'll be doing everything they can to try and snag an upset. I imagine they'll try and play an expansive game and throw the ball around, so we need to be awake to that. Their biggest threats for mine are Kosi on the wing, Reece Walsh. Shaun Johnson and Tohu Harris in the forwards. If we can somehow contain them, it will go a long way to winning.

For us, I just want to see a clinical, professional performance. Yes, we didn't win over the weekend, but it was the kind of loss we can take confidence from and hopefully it doesn't halt our momentum too much. We almost bet the second-best team in the comp so there's no reason why we can't get past the Warriors here. In saying that, we do have things to work on. We need to get this silly shit out of our game, and I'd like to see improvement on a lot of that stuff this week. Complete better, cut out the silly penalties, execute better in attack and take your opportunities while they're there. No soft tries please. I'm calling on our spine to step up too. Trell, Cody and Lachie were bog average on Saturday and we need a lot better in this one.

So, as I said, quite an important week in terms of our Season and our run home. I am feeling confident but as we know, nothing is a given in the NRL and we will need to earn this win. Let's go out there and do exactly that on Saturday afternoon boys!!!


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Here's my predicted line up for Round 21 against the Warriors,

1. Mitchell
2. Johnston
3. Milne
4. Tass
5. Paulo
6. Walker
7. Ilias
8. Tatola
9. Cook
10. Nicholls
11. Arrow
12. Koloamatangi
13. Murray (C)

14. Nikorima
15. Moale
16. Havili
17. Suluka-Fifita

Pretty much explains itself. Unfortunately, I think JD will have to go with Milne back at right center now that Cartwright is injured again. It's far from ideal but it's probably the best option we have and hopefully it's only for a week or maybe two until Graham is back, I can cop that. Bijorac could potentially get a debut, or they could go with Kennar but I think they'll roll with Taane.

Nicholls, by all reports, should be fit so he should come straight back into the starting side with Suluka-Fifita moving to the bench.


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Rabbitohs Line Up For Round 21 Against Warriors: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2...d-for-round-21-vs-warriors-on-sunshine-coast/

You won't hear many complaints from me about the line up this week! Pretty happy with it all, all things considered. Taane returns to right center which obviously isn't ideal, but I think he is the best option we have at this current time. Won't let us down in attack but he needs to step up big time defensively.

A little surprising but I guess it's good to see DSF keep his starting spot now that Nicho is back (yoohoo!). He was great last week so deserves to remain there for now.

Taaffe is back due to an injury to Kodi. Interesting that that wasn't mentioned in last night's rehab report. Maybe it was a training injury from yesterday or today? Hope he's not too bad. Anyway, will be cool to see Taaffey get more game time in first grade.

Otherwise, an unchanged side so a pretty strong line up! Roll on Saturday arvo!


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Jason Demetriou Coaches Media Round 21: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2022/08/05/jason-demetriou-coaches-media-round-21/

JD confirms Jaxson to play right center, Thompson to debut on the wing. I don't mind that at all!!

From Sporting News,

Rabbitohs coach Jason Demetriou unfazed by perceived Cody Walker attitude issues

Cody Walker is a controversial type.

He hasn't really had any major off-field indiscretions, he does a lot of great work in the community and is from all reports a really lovely bloke.

He's a good story too, in that he didn't get an NRL opportunity until his mid-20s, which is a pretty rare feat in the modern game where so much emphasis is placed on developing young guns and finding long-term success.

But the issues that a lot of fans and experts have with Walker comes from his temperament, and his perceived attitude at times on the field for South Sydney.

People often say players have 'taken their angry pills' when they are fired up for a certain game. Walker looks like he is on them for 80 minutes, week-in and week-out.

Whenever there is a melee in a Rabbitohs game, the 32-year-old is usually in the middle of it. He's not a 'dirty' player by any means, but some of his antics tend to rub people the wrong way.

A clip emerged earlier this week, following a golden-point loss to Cronulla, that showed Walker brushing off an embrace from former teammate Cameron McInnes.

In and of itself, Walker had every reason to be upset, because is side has just lost in heartbreaking fashion. But plenty of fans still took aim at the five-eighth, likely because of his on-field antics and reputation, and an article from The Daily Telegraph even went as far to describe him as "petulant".

But is there actually a cause of concern with Walker? Not according to Jason Demetriou there isn't.

Speaking on SEN's Breakfast With Vossy and Brandy, the rookie Bunnies coach wasn't fazed by concerns over Walker's attitude, but did admit his body language in tough situations could be better.

“It’s not something I’m worried about, not one bit," he said.

"I think there’s times where his body language needs to be a little bit better in certain times of the game, that’s probably where the interest comes from or what people are seeing.

"Inside our four walls, he is nothing but professional and he is a leader in our group and he loves playing for the club and he wants to win.

"That’s where a bit of his frustration comes from at times."

South Sydney are on the precipice of yet another finals series, sitting on 24 competition points with five games remaining, and Walker is going to be an integral part of any potential success they find in September.

The former NSW Origin playmaker has produced 15 try assists this season - more than any other No.6 - but Walker hasn't been as dominant as his 2021 campaign.

Demetriou however spoke highly of Walker's influence on young halfback Lachlan Ilias, who is still learning the ropes after the departure of Adam Reynolds.

“He’s been first-class for us this year – there has been a lot of change across the club," Demetriou said.

"What he has done for players like Lachlan Ilias on the training field and even in games has been outstanding.

"He’s a bit like Latrell [Mitchell] – when things are going great, he gets all the plaudits. When they’re not, he’s going to get a lot of the heat.

"He understands that and he is starting to play some good footy over the past four or five weeks, he has been one of our best players consistently."

South Sydney will take on the Warriors on Saturday afternoon, before a tough run home sees them play the Eels, Panthers, Cowboys and Roosters.


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Gotta admit, I'm starting to get a little nervous. Being a Kiwi, there's a lot of pride on the line for me whenever we play the Warriors!

I just have a feeling they're going to turn up and play well too.


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Well, it's Saturday, it's the weekend but it also means it's the day we've been waiting for all week! Game day!! We take on the Warriors up there on the sunny Sunshine Coast this afternoon in what should be a great occasion. Always awesome that we take a home game up there I reckon and it's a sell out, so the Sunshine Coast fans are certainly getting around it. I hope we can put on a show for them today and we really need to. This game is a must win for us there's no doubt about it. With a tough run home coming up, we really need to bank the two points today.

Being a Kiwi myself, playing the Warriors is always a big game. My best mate, a lot of other mates and workmates are all Warriors fans so every time we go up against them there's a lot of pride on the line. That will be no different today and I'll never hear the end of it if we lose.

It is hard to know what to make of the Warriors as they've had another one of those very inconsistent Seasons where you never know which side is going to turn up. I guess that can be a little unpredictable and a little dangerous, so we have to be wary today. In saying that, with no disrespect to the Warriors, this really is a game we should be winning on paper. However, of course, Rugby League games are not won on paper so it's up to our boys to go out there and earn the win. Treat them with the same respect we would any other opposition. They'll come out firing I have no doubt about that and with nothing to lose now in 2022, they'll be doing everything they can to try and snag an upset. I imagine they'll try and play an expansive game and throw the ball around, so we need to be awake to that. Their biggest threats for mine are Kosi on the wing, Reece Walsh. Shaun Johnson and Tohu Harris in the forwards. If we can somehow contain them, it will go a long way to winning.

For us, I'd just like to see as close to a clinical performance as possible out there today. We may have lost last week so it is about bouncing back from that, but it was also the kind of loss I think the boys will take a lot of confidence from because it proves if we play to our potential, we can do anything. And that's it, if we play close to our potential today and play well then, we'll be too good for the Warriors. So, we have to turn up, show no signs of complacency, fire up, hold that ball, complete your sets, execute, and defend well. We also need to cut the silly crap out of our game which did cost us last week. Hoping for a big game from Trell, Cody and Lachie today to make up for last week.

So, it should be a great occasion out there today and I can't wait!!! Feeling confident but also a little nervous because this is such an important game and as we know, nothing is a given in the NRL. Let's gooooooooo!!!



Well here we are Game Day is upon us once more as we continue our run home. Today is a must win game for us I feel the boys really need to step up today as we really need these vital 2 competition points especially with the hard games coming that we have. Lose today and we could miss the top 8 and are in jeopardy. We have not lost a game at Sunshine Coast Stadium yet so let’s keep it that way. Hearing the game is also sold out and I know we have lots of members and fans up there and some will have made the trip up as well so we will have a strong support.

Looking at the Warriors they still have some quality in their team and have nothing to lose so that can be most dangerous. I expect they will play jungle ball so we need to be very switched on. They still have Walsh, DWZ, Aitken, SJ, AFB, Tohu and Curran so still plenty of quality players there that can trouble us. Last time we played these guys it was without Murray and Trell but we clocked off last 20mins and only just snuck home so we can’t afford to do that today.

For us we need to respect the opposition and do the basics. That starts with our forwards getting a roll on and us completing our sets highly. We have given some silly penalties away lately so this is a work on for us. If our pack can get a roll on then we need our spine to step up and I’m sure they’ll be hungry after not having had the best games last week. In defence we need to have good line speed and limit the offloads. It’ll be good to see Thompson getting a run today too on debut which is exciting I’ve heard he’s a big body so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Ok well not long til the players run out on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Lets make sure everyone at home knows this is a South Sydney Home Game. Lets make as much noise as we can to get the boys home in the mighty red and green! Lets make sure everyone watching at home watching knows this is a South Sydney home game.

Well as we look into the sheds we can see the away team the boys from NZ about to make their way onto Sunshine Coast Stadium................. Rabbitohs members and Rabbitohs supporters please give a warm South Sydney welcome to the NZ Warriors..................


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.............









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