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Round 25 - Rabbitohs vs Dragons: Saturday 4th September 7:35pm @Sunshine Coast Stadium


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Special night tonight for so many reasons but it'll carry extra significance for Taaffe, Ilias and Mamouzelos. From all reports, these guys are best mates and all three are extremely close. They do everything together and apparently live in each other's pockets.

This will be the first time they've played first grade Footy with all three together so it's very special for them. The first time but I'm certain it won't be the last!

Jim Rockford

From acting the goat to being mocked as one, the battler who won over Bunnies fans: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/fr...ho-won-over-bunnies-fans-20210903-p58ok6.html

Debutant Ilias touted as the long-term replacement for Adam Reynolds: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/de...cement-for-adam-reynolds-20210903-p58ooj.html

South Sydney destined for 'straight sets' finals exit, says Andrew Johns: https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/south-...hns-says/3e0b7354-f0e2-4437-b2bc-fffea1768274

Write us off at your own peril Joey!!
Hahahaha Joey the Druggo has been poppin' the pills again. I'm going to really enjoy laughing at that cretinous midget when we prove him wrong.


Good play by the young ones, Cartwright has been good too. Burns showing why he is a reserve grader, always doing dumb hero stuff. No way is he a future starting centre


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Yewwww!! What a fantastic way to finish off the Regular Season with the Baby Bunnies getting the win over the Dragons!! I feel so bloody proud of the boys tonight! Always backed them but i wasn't expecting a win if that makes sense, however to beat the Dragons with the side we did is great!! Like I say, so bloody proud, they all played so well!!

First half was fantastic, we completely dominated on both attack and defence, the Dragons had no answers and never looked like scoring. Everyone was playing well and I was super impressed with a few guys but I'll touch on that more tomorrow. Our dicipline was great and we were forcing theres to not be so great. this lead to us scoring some good tries.

Looked like we were going to go on with it in the second half as the boys looked on fire but a lot of the side ran out of puff and let the Dragons back in. I'm not too worried about that because a lot of these guys have hardly played the past two years, of course they're not gonna have match fitness. But still, we hung in there and got the win!! As I said, great way to round out the Regular Season and I'm stoked!

Again, so frickin proud of our Baby Bunnies!

This Year?

Congrats on the win tonight and good luck in the finals. I lurk here now and then because I enjoy @callmack1's post that ooze of passion and positivity, even as an opposition fan it is nice to read.
I wish I could add something constructive tonight but I am so distraught over that loss that I cannot think straight, which I guess is as most flattering as it can be from an opposition fan.
Thanks @This Year? Good to see opposition supporters with a bit of class. Once you guys clear out some of the dead wood, I'm sure the Dragons will reclaim their place as one of the powerhouse clubs in the comp.
This Year is one of the forums best and brightest Jim.

They were having a really good season before the nrl and their own officials killed it.

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