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Round 25 - Rabbitohs vs Dragons: Saturday 4th September 7:35pm @Sunshine Coast Stadium


The finals are here we have a healthy roster anything can happen let’s leave it to Wayne to pick the team next week we only have to nullify penriths kicking game more pressure on the kick and if they use blockers bring it to the attention of the officials
Exactly correct. The squad have to focus on Cleary and his kicking game. Ensure that Cleary feels each hit and get him uncomfortable. Cleary Snr [the next Brian Smith??] uses that kicking game as a weapon and the squad stuffed several returns last time out which spiralled the team South. Their central dangers are Cleary and Burton. Cancel those two out and match their aggressive forward and its tight.

Jim Rockford

So all in all a pleasing win great to finish regular season on 20 wins I don’t think we have done that before. Now we can look forward to next week, we aren’t expected to win and have been written off but let’s hope Wayne has something up his sleeve.
Mate, the people writing us off are the same imbeciles who said that we were finished with no Trell. This last game showed just how incredibly wrong these cretins are. While Penriff will be their usual smug selves, I guarantee they're looking over their shoulders knowing the Express is leaving Redfern station and is barrelling down the tracks straight at them.

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