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Round 6 - Rabbitohs vs Tigers: Saturday 17th April 5:30pm @Stadium Australia


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Another week, another Round and another game coming right up! We go up against the Tigers this week in what should be an interesting game. We're going well at the moment and the boys simply must keep that going this weekend. The thing is, we seem to always save our worst for the Tigers. I wouldn't say they're a bogey side but we just always seem to perform poorly against them. Countless times, even when we've been favourites, it's been a really scrappy game, we perform poorly and either just scrape home with a win or we cop a loss. Need to ensure that is not the case this week.

Wests will be up for this that's for sure. They'll be extremely disapointed with themselves after last night and will be desperate for a win. They played terribly in that first half last night but the second half shows just what they're capable of when they are on and get things right. I think they have a pretty good forward pack so that'll be a key battle on Saturday night. If we can win the forward battle against their big guns like Tamou, Ofahengaue, Leilua and Garner, then it'll go a long way to shutting down the likes of Brooks and Laurie. So that's the key. Although we once again cannot afford to take them lightly, this is a game we should be winning if we want to be a top four side.

For us, we get a big boost as Cody returns to the starting side and that'll mean Benji can go back to the bench. So we'll be almost full strength for this one. That means there are no excuses what so ever. It's all about our attitude and how we approach this game this week for me. I feel like our attack and defence has been going pretty well the past few weeks but it can still be better and a big part of our game to improve is still completion rate. I think we're still making to many erors so would like to see those numbers reduced on Saturday night.

Saturday can't come soon enough!!


Hopefully the boys can get up. It’s not a short turnaround so hopefully being against Madge, Deouihi, Roberts and Musgrove the boys can take it a bit personally and get a good win.
Also my team versus my brothers team so Carrrrrn Boys!


Also, I'm picking that apart from the obvious changes (Cody back in, Benji to the bench, Hawko out), we'll name the same side as last week when teams are announced tomorrow.

Part of me would like to see Benji keep the 6 and Cody come onto the bench. Benji played well enough to keep the jersey after Cody gave it up by getting unnecessarily suspended.


Hopefully with it being the 5:30 game we should get a better crowd!


Very big occasion playing Tigers up against Madge, Benji against his former long time club, Douiehi will be hungry up against us as well plus it’s AJ’s 150th.

Once again this is another must win if we wanna make the top 4 or push for top 2. We need to get as many wins before origin too and we all know our draw gets harder very soon.

Games against the Tigers never seem to be easy for us for the most part for some reason!

I am not worried how many points we score but rather more concerned that we don’t let many in!


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Rabbitohs Team List for Round 6: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2021/04/13/rabbitohs-team-list-for-round-six/

Awesome line up!! Named just as we all probably expected. Benji did incredibly well last week, as he should, but having Cody back into the starting side is a huge in for us. Attack was pretty damn good without him but expect it to be even more potent on Saturday with Cody back. Hoping Benji gets some really decent minutes minutes off the bench against his old club.

Otherwise the side is unchanged, just as expected. What's more, Knight named in the 21 is a really positive sign. I doubt he'll play this week but having him named in the squad is awesome!!

So yes, another strong side this week, very keen for Saturday night!!
Over on the wt forum we are speculating at -18 to -70 which is quite a range.

It would be good to see the Benj play for the sentimental value really. You get to see Laurie who is good value. He’s got a touch of the bunny in him, nothing of him but a big heart.

We will happy if we complete ( -18 or less).

Hopefully your trainer will bring out plenty of martini’s and cigars for your lads during the match!

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