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Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5


Has won 3 competitions and won every single thing Rugby League in Australia has to offer outside of a Dally M medal. Some might point to Origin but he has won it twice already (And contributed to a third).

Go over for a season in England, take a million, bring a club a premiership and get married on the River Thames. Andrew Johns couldn't do that in his short time at Warrington.
Best of luck to them both; as someone who did the same journey at a similar age I’d say it is so exciting to have options. And I was nowhere near the top of my professions at that stage like both of them are.


Being up to your elbows in pussy of every kind imaginable every time you leave the house would make long term love a tough ask. If they pull it off then she must be one hell of a catch & Nathan has the self control of a saint.

He lives with chicks... he wouldn't even need to leave the house

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