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Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

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It's puzzling me. Now we have to have R. Smith be back up to Kenny or Sullivan. I would go for Parcell
I assume if Matt comes back it'd be for a starting spot not as back up. And it's important for Kenny to play as many matches at hooker as possible for his development.
Unsure how true this is but I heard the eels have been working very hard to create a larger junior base and as of now are larger then Penrith.

I am interested to see who plays more games for NSW Critchton or Penisini. The Penis looks a gem
Crichton has the versatility of playing centre/fullback and could probably play lock or five eight. Imo he's more likely as a back up fullback in the event Turbo/
i would almost rate him higher than api.
A higher ceiling maybe with his higher speed. Certainly not comparable at the moment. But Api's high football IQ and his natural deception is to an extent something that can't be taught.
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Maybe @hindy111 knows more? But my understanding was. It was either stay at Parramatta or take up the large Dogs deal. Other clubs were blown away by the Dogs offer and didn't get up to the plate.

Not sure. From what I heard Parra said not going pass 550k and a tpa of 40k on top.
Dogs offered 650k with a tpa closer to 100k. Unsure how true this is but what I been told.


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What would Liddle be like in a great team.

Liddle is responsible for the dumbest play I've seen in years.

Had TPJ wrapped up in a multi person tackle two metres from the line and called for the others to release so he could attempt a strip.

Two seconds later TPJ scores. I'm not sure you can coach away that type of stupid.

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