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Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5


First Grade
I like Blore and he was always a good prospect. Issue is and its a biggie. Hes been very very injury prone and has already had major injuries. I think he did hes acl before signing with the tigers and both 2020 and 21 he was out half the season injured.

Hes certainly got talent but its not a good sign when young blokes like him get injured so often.. and its not as though he wasnt ready physically..he is a big boy and muscular wise has been for a while.

Anyway trading him for api is crazy.

Still think we should throw the kitchen sink at angus critchon. I know we have not much chance but playing with nath, luai, fish martin etc is a good draw card.

Could be wrong, but I think Angus wants to go back to rugby?

Luke Bowden

First Grade
What happened in 2021 was truly special but having a fullback who can't pass a football is a pretty big gap to fill in a side
He is one of, if not, the defensive FB in the comp, his support play and work around the ruck is also exceptional.

This passing issue he supposedly has is a myth.

If we need a ball playing FB, that’s what he’ll do.
I saw more
Great signing
Not sure how he has doubters what he did in the grand final was sensational .he is not a over priced fullback but delivers


But he’s no Daine Laurie is he?

Dano got more cheers at the dru burnouts than Dylan.

Dylan has all of the excitement and flair of a drunk sea sponge.

But he’s a champion bloke. For sure.