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Rumoured / Confirmed Signings


First Grade
There’s a reason he hasn’t been picked up by someone else - too much $$ to be second stringer.
Love the bloke but would probaly end up the Jets and get disillusioned.

Tiger Shark

Huge pass on Peachey - not only do we not have a positional need for him imo I just don't think he's that good and worth much cash.


I like Peachey but at 400k he’s a bit overpriced. Could we make a centre/back rower out of him? Too small imo….we already have a couple of 14’s.

$400k is about right. He's a SOO player isn't he?

I don't know if you meant too small for a centre/backrower or too small for a 14. I'll assume the former but disagree, he's big enough for both

I don't want him though, he doesn't fill any gaps as others have said.
He would have to be crazy, getting crazy advice, or being offered crazy money to even consider it. Suspect he wouldn't quell the rumour as its all adds to his value . Just hope Fitz has his ear.
Yeah - l knew about Feej's Bellamy threat.

The word 'again' had me thinkin'...
yes ,That is a confusing one .Dont forget this is a man who has amassed a fortune exploiting cheep labour ,and peoples fear of conspiracies. The threat of a nudie run being just another of his fear exploiting tricks. I will watch future developments carefully.

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