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Rumoured Signings

The Predictor

Sad to see him leave, been solid and healthy last two year. I don't think he's got two year left in him

Will be very happy to be proven wrong though...
He can’t play outside Manly system, that’s why I didn’t want him at parramatta, he’ll dog it at Gold Coast
Not a rumoured signing but word is that Gus will only support tossing out Barrett if he can get Craig Bellamy. Dogs have made a huge offer to Bellyache during Magic Round including talks around Munster. They have heaps of dry powder, figure of close to $2m p.a. (Craig currently gets 1.2m). So, it's just a question of whether he is ready for the challenge.
Bellyamys said he will get back to them - the directors at the club think it's a 50:50 so best to move Barrett as a sign of their willingness. Gus thinks it's a snowballs chance in hell and will try talking them into allowing Barrett another year.


Is this the worst headline ever written?

And who is the 15th club not interested?

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There wouldn't be that many clubs (14)in need of a winger/fullback with the price tag of 900k, i would easliy say penrith, sharks, storm, cowboys probably don't need him...
They have pretty much got stock in those positions, and if you pay 900k he isn't going elsewhere to play back up

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