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Rumours and Stuff


Penrith have more dramas if the lost then we do.

Next season we have Mahoney back.That is huge.
Pensini looks to have filled centre. He will get better.
D.Brown will improve
Kafusi will improve
Dunster will improve.

Based on age I do not see a decline in anyone. Some will have better and some worse seasons.

I'll throw Stone,Hollis,Arthurs,Greig and Russels name in there also. Stone looks like he may actualy be a genuine top 17 player. And the other 4 will be far better back ups then this season. We may even get a suprise packet from one who forces way into the top 17.

Penrith will lose TPJ, Burton who is a star and Capewell who is an origin player. They do have some very good young kids in Tago and May younger brother. And guys like Spencer,Crichton should go up a gear and improve. But I see there squad as weaker without those 3. There are less players on way up then at our club and even tho none in current squad will be passed their best where does improvement come from? There is not enough players on the up to make up for those 3 who will leave. The following season Kikau will be gone.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Gee what a surprising comment from a bloke who’s view point is as biased as anyone on here. At least tell everyone how close you are with the Arthur’s and your opinion is dodgy at best. The rest is just laughable excuses and finger pointing.

If we win Saturday night I think he probably deserves his last year unless Melbourne put 1000 on us otherwise it’s more than fair to be asking questions of the coaching staff and the head coach. 8 seasons and no preliminary finals plus a spoon with just 2 finals wins and Delboy is as pleased as punch. No wonder we have won the most spoons the standards of this club and the fanbase are embarrassing.
Well why do you think we've won so many spoons? Arthur's wasn't coach for all of them. Twelve other merkins won spoons at our club as well. They can't all have been as shit as Brad Arthur's. Maybe coaching isn't a magic bullet after all.


Should have been developed into a top 17 player most weeks. Pushing Rheed to his limit every week was always likely to end as it has. Hes as tough as nails but simply too much is expected from him.


Staff member
Thats a shame but you can't blame him really. We will need to go to market case cuase Roache clearly is too risky to rely on. WTF happened to Schneider?
He played quite a bit before June lockdown. He was plugging holes as 9 or 6 and is an adpet goal kicker. Hopefully he stays in our system and builds his frame.