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Anyone feeling like the black knight in the Holy Grail ?

I reckon Warriors interest is crap, they have signed Johnston. Got metcalf coming in 2023. Plus have offered Chanel Harris-Tavita a new deal….

where is Drown going play at the warriors? It seems the recent offer to Chanel which they weren’t originally going to do straight away is an a potential indication they can’t see any other half’s coming…then there is Walsh…



Serious questions are being asked of Parramatta’s recruitment expertise, contract nous and strategy, questions coach Brad Arthur has been left to answer.

Brad Arthur has stepped forward on behalf of a bruised and battered Eels administration to quell fears the club’s roster and premiership hopes are in disarray.
The Parramatta coach has backed he and his support staff’s ability to unearth new stars while revealing the club’s departing players have made a pact to win the 2022 title before they leave.
The poaching of the club’s trio of guns including Reed Mahoney (Bulldogs), Isaiah Papali’i (Wests Tigers) and Marata Niukore (Warriors) has led to serious questions over Parramatta’s recruitment expertise, contract nous and strategy.
The relieving re-signing of captain Clint Gutherson has done little to appease frustrated fans who want answers at a point where NSW Origin prop Junior Paulo is also yet to be re-signed.
Instead of senior management stepping forward to discuss their recruitment process and fallout, it’s the head coach who has fronted-up to detail his disappointment in losing the trio while explaining why he had full faith in the club’s systems to replace them.
“It was a hard decision for those guys to tell me they’re leaving because as a squad we’re all very tight,’’ Arthur said.
“But everyone has got different needs in their career and what they want to get out of it.
“What Eels members and fans need to remember is, all these blokes that are leaving us started somewhere.
“We’ll do that again with other players.
“I’ve got confidence in the coaching staff and the senior players to help that happen.

“Tom Opacic (centre) came to us and improved, Bryce Cartwright (backrower) came in and improved, Isaiah, Reed – they all came in and improved.
“We’ll find more Mahoneys and Papali’is.
“Those three that are leaving are better footballers and better people for being here, so we know what we’re doing works.’’
Asked if he feared the contract chaos of the past six weeks, coupled with suggestions that the leaving players will lose their focus, would crush any hope of a 2022 title, Arthur replied: “No way.
“It will make us more galvanised and stronger.
“All three guys (Mahoney, Papali’i and Niukore) have said that to me. They’re determined to finish with what they came here to do.
“They all believe, on the back of what happened last year (beaten 8-6 by premiers Penrith in week two of the finals), that we’re getting closer and closer and they’re all determined to do it.
“All three have said the same thing — they’re going to finish the year strong for their mates and the club.’’

Arthur didn’t want to provide a running commentary on the Paulo negotiations, but there is a sense of confidence the hard-running prop will commit to a new deal.
However, the Eels coach did drill down on how the club plans to replace the loss of Mahoney, Papali’i and Niukore in 2023.
The club will have almost $2 million to spend on new players.
“The plan for me is, we re-sign the players that we’re trying to and the ones we need to replace, I’ve got trust in the staff and the playing squad that we’ll keep developing more players,’’ Arthur said.
“We want to retain everyone, but the reality is we can‘t.
“We’ve brought in Mary (Paul McGregor) and Mick Ennis (on the coaching staff) to help that development as well.
“We just have to work out what style of players suits us; do we want experience or younger players?

“In 2023 we’re still going to have the core nucleus here in Gutho (Gutherson), Mitch Moses, Dylan Brown, Nathan Brown, Reg (Regan Campbell-Gillard), Shaun Lane, Waqa Blake and Bryce Cartwright.
“Look at Melbourne and the Roosters, they get to a stage where they just can’t keep everyone and they bring people in underneath them and make them better.
“It’s a good reflection of our club that clubs are buying players from us. It used to be Parramatta buying expensive players from other clubs.’’
Penrith premiership-winning hooker Api Koroisau, Cowboys hooker Reece Robson and Tigers dummy-half Jacob Liddle have been offered to the club as a direct replacement for Mahoney.
“They’re all options,’’ Arthur said.
“We are not short on options. We have had a lot of interest from a lot of people.
“I’m really comfortable and confident in what lies ahead.
“We’re just going to stay calm and make sure that any moves that we make are best for the club in the long-term.’’
f**k the so called journalists there are just absolute deadshit pond scum.


IT wasn’t all bleak news for Parramatta Eels last week.
A couple of handy coaches turned up for their first training session at the club to support Brad Arthur – Michael Ennis and Paul McGregor.
They are part of a new-look coaching staff at Parramatta following the departure of Andrew Johns to Newcastle Knights.

New Eels assistant coach Michael Ennis at Parramatta training

New Eels assistant coach Paul McGregor at Parramatta training

The Eels knew they were up against it to keep Reed Mahoney once he was spotted two weeks ago with Bulldogs powerbrokers. His manager Sam Ayoub is close to Canterbury chairman John Khoury and football boss Gus Gould. They all go back a long way. Having said that, Ayoub is renowned for tough negotiating skills and looks after his players.
Ayoub is renowned as a deadest f**kstain. f**k off


NRL 2022: Bailey Simonsson could be headed to Eels as Raiders await Nick Cotric decision

The NRL winger market has suddenly heated up with Raiders flyer Bailey Simonsson and Bulldogs star Nick Cotric at the centre of an intriguing battle between three clubs.

The Eels have emerged as frontrunners to sign Raiders winger Bailey Simonsson in a move that would result in Nick Cotric returning to the Green Machine.
The domino of transfer moves can be revealed in addition to the news that Parramatta have signed former Bulldogs forward Ofahiki Ogden.

Ogden - a hard-running front-rower with 45 NRL-games - has signed a train and trial contract with the Eels.

Ogden’s agent Luke Lombardi confirmed to News Corp the 25-year-old would start with Parramatta on Monday after impressing Eels officials at a medical assessment last week.

“It’s a great move for Ofahiki, he had a number of options, but he feels this opportunity with Parramatta gives him a great chance to further develop his game,’’ Lombardi said.

“He’ll start on Monday and hit the ground running.’’

Let go by the Bulldogs at the end of the 2021 season, Ogden has kept in shape by training with highly-respected sports physician Justin Lang while also committing to several sparring sessions with Paul Gallen.

The next signature the Eels are aiming to secure is Simonsson - with the Raiders eyeing Cotric in-return.
Ultimately, the Bulldogs will determine if the transfers can be secured.

The Bulldogs are eager to offload Cotric from their stressed salary cap.

How much Canterbury are willing to contribute towards the release of Cotric to return to Canberra will dictate if he and Simonsson are on the move in 2022.

Nick Cotric could be headed back to the nation’s capital.

It’s believed the Dogs are only willing to contribute $150,000 towards Cotric’s salary for 2022 - a number short of the level of cap-relief the Raiders would need to fit the former NSW Origin winger into their cap.

The Raiders will only sign Cotric if his arrival is without major implications to their current cap.

Secondly, Canberra would only make the move if Simonsson - who has two years left on his contract - is content to join Parramatta, which it’s understood the 23-year-old is.

Originally from Mona Vale, Simonsson is interested in returning to Sydney to be closer to family.

The 45-gamer is viewed by the Eels as a valuable inclusion following the departure of outside backs Blake Ferguson and Michael Oldfield.

Courtesy @Jason Maher and us LU Dolphin Forum trolls, for your edification and entertainment

Join our campaign for marine justice in rugby league.

Jason Maher said:
Full list of potentially available NRL contracted players and development players (deal ends 2022 or club and/or player option beyond 2022).

Herbie Farnworth
Jamayne Isaako
Ryan James
Albert Kelly
Rhys Kennedy
David Mead
Corey Oates
Keenan Palasia
Jake Turpin
Billy Walters

Adam Elliott
Matt Frawley
Corey Harawira-Naera
Josh Hodgson
Corey Horsburgh
Tom Starling
Ryan Sutton
Jack Wighton (player option)
Sam Williams

Elijah Anderson
Ata Moriota

John Asiata
Matt Doorey
Matt Dufty
Raymond Faitala-Mariner
Jack Hetherington (mutual option)
Tuipolotu Katoa
Max King
Jeremy Marshall-King (player option)
Joe Stimson
Jackson Topine
Paul Vaughan
Brandon Wakeham

Jayden Berrell
Blayke Brailey
Andrew Fifita
Wade Graham
Braden Hamlin-Uele
Mawene Hirote
Royce Hunt
Matt Moylan
Briton Nikora
Franklin Pele
Jackson Taumoepeau (club option)
Aiden Tolman
Jack Williams

Kade Dykes
Jonaiah Lualua
Jack Martin
Ryan Rivett

Gold Coast
Herman Ese'ese
Esan Marsters
Sam McIntyre
Kevin Proctor
Phillip Sami
Will Smith (mutual option)
Corey Thompson (club option)
Jarrod Wallace

Aaron Booth
Shallin Fuller

Morgan Boyle
Andrew Davey
Sione Fainu
Kieran Foran
Tolutau Koula
Jorge Taufua
Martin Taupau
Ben Trbojevic
Dylan Walker

Kaeo Weekes

Jesse Bromwich
Kenny Bromwich (player option)
Tom Eisenhuth
Harry Grant (mutual option)
Jack Howarth
Dean Ieremia
George Jennings
Cooper Johns
Tui Kamikamica (club option)
Felise Kaufusi
Chris Lewis
Isaac Lumelume
Tepai Moeroa (mutual option)
Jayden Nikorima
Justin Olam (club option)
Brandon Smith
Reimis Smith

Bronson Garlick

Phoenix Crossland
Lachlan Fitzgibbon (player option)
Tyson Frizell (player option)
Jacob Kiraz
Jirah Momoisea
Brayden Musgrove
Kayln Ponga (player option)
Simi Sasagi
Pasami Saulo
Sauaso Sue

Leo Thompson

North Queensland
Daejarn Asi
Kane Bradley
Lachlan Burr
Mitchell Dunn
Tom Gilbert
Jake Granville (club option)
Ben Hampton
Connelly Lemuelu
Heilum Luki
Jordan McLean
Jeremiah Nanai
Emry Pere

Tyreece Woods

Jakob Arthur
Dylan Brown (player option)
Haze Dunster
Wiremu Greig
Keegan Hipgrave
Oregon Kaufusi
Makahesi Makatoa
Ryan Matterson
Solomone Naiduki
Tom Opacic
Junior Paulo
Hayze Perham
Maika Sivo (player option)
Ray Stone

Sam Loizou
Ky Rodwell

Eddie Blacker
Dylan Edwards
Matt Eisenhuth
Kurt Falls
J'Maine Hopgood
Robert Jennings
Mitch Kenny
Viliame Kikau
Apisai Korisau
Taylan May
Sean O'Sullivan
Jaeman Salmon
Chris Smith
Lindsay Smith

Sunia Turuva

Daniel Alvaro
Jack Bird
Billy Burns
Poasa Faamausili
Jackson Ford
Jack Gosiewski
Blake Lawrie
Josh McGuire
Tautau Moga
Tariq Sims
Aaron Woods

Shalom O'Ofou

Zane Bijorac
Michael Chee Kam
Josh Mansour
Anthony Milford
Taane Milne
Jaxson Paulo
Isaiah Tass

Angus Crichton
Moala Graham-Taufa
Adam Keighran (club option)
Lachlan Lam
Freddy Lussick
Joseph Manu
Ben Marschke
Joseph Suaalii (player option)
Daniel Suluka-Fifita
Siosiua Taukeiaho
Ben Thomas

Tuku Hau-Tapuha
Ronald Volkman

Wayde Egan
Chanel Harris-Tavita
Matt Lodge (player option)
Marcelo Montoya
Jack Murchie
Kodi Nikorima
Pride Petterson-Robati
Iliesa Ratuva
Jazz Tevaga (player option)

Lleyton Finau

Luke Garner
Reece Hoffman
William Kei
Jock Madden
Thomas Mikaele
Joe Ofahengaue (mutual option)
Tommy Talau
James Tamou
Kelma Tuilagi

Henry O'Kane
Brandon Tumeth

And the players no-one wants:

Richie Kennar
Danny Levi
Caleb Aekins
Siliva Havili
Dunamis Lui
Curtis Scott
Darby Medlyn
Dean Britt
Christian Crichton
Sione Katoa
Brad Deitz
Lachlan Lewis
Kiko Manu
Ofahiki Ogden
Watson Heleta
James Roumanos
Chris Smith
Renouf To'omaga
Nene MacDonald
Jonus Pearson
Mitch Rein
Tevita Funa
Zac Saddler
Ryley Jacks
Dan Atkinson
Tyson Smoothy
Judda Turahui
Sam Hughes
Michael Oldfield
Tyrone May
Gerard Beale
Billy Brittain
Hayden Lomax
Corey Norman
Troy Dargan
Brock Gardner
Steven Marsters
Tom Amone
Zachary Cini
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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Well then it’s a figure that you would have stretched to 2 weeks ago…and only slight overs.
View attachment 56259We actually agree on this, I think that’s his worth in this market. But you can’t now claim that the dogs are his Alan Bond.
Given the media reported values all start with a 6 I'm thinking my assessment of $700k was wrong. Because those merkins get paid to exaggerate and cause maximum drama, and even they didn't say $700k. Now I think a sensible amount for Mahoney is about $600k.

This is how I form my opinions, by considering all the facts, including new information.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
You don’t believe it because it doesn’t fit your narrative.
Where do you think I get my narratives from you f**ken idiot? It's all based on observation. I've said plenty of times we're not the best club, and we shouldn't expect to be.
What I think is more likely is what was reported in the media. We thought we had him locked up around the $500-$550k mark, only for the dogs to offer him at least $100k a year more. We thought we’d play the loyalty card and stupidly valued him less than that…so he walked.
I think this is certainly possible, but if so I trust the club have accurately assessed his value (and I haven't) and the Bulldogs have still paid overs. I think judging player value is our strength as a club. Our recent history proves it.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Do you think that's how negotiating happens? Like a closed bidding.
I doubt it. I'd say the club would of been informed this is what you need to have him sign. At which point they'd say no we are out. They also would of been told what the Dogs have offered him and what Rheed would want to stay.

If Dogs did say 650k then Ayoub would inform Eels this is the offer. Rheeds preference is to stay but you need to be close.
If Parra said ok we will go 620k and Rheed was happy then Ayoub would then go back to the Dogs and say listen, he will stay at Eels. They've offered 620k. Unless your atleast 50k more he won't leave.
At some point Parra would of said nah that's final. Let him go.
This should be obvious but merkins are so desperate for a scapegoat they're picturing a bunch a smooth brains sitting around their boardroom going "Haha we've got him for unders!" and then being stunned to find out Mahoney accepted the Bulldogs' first offer without even offering the chance for us to match it.


This should be obvious but merkins are so desperate for a scapegoat they're picturing a bunch a smooth brains sitting around their boardroom going "Haha we've got him for unders!" and then being stunned to find out Mahoney accepted the Bulldogs' first offer without even offering the chance for us to match it.
You underestimate how incompetent some people can be. Do you not look around and see people at work? Surely you must realise there are a lot of people out there who are bad at their job.