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I don't rate "anyone" that plays NRL as a teenager. There are probably hundreds that have played NRL over the last lets say 20 years that have not gone on to have NRL careers or have been just very average players overall. Some players just mature earlier mentally and or physically then others. I watch how they handle themselves and see how they respond to adversity and setbacks. Are they improving from game to game and season to season? What is their body type, speed and strength for the position they play? Are they having a positive impact on the game or nonexistent or detrimental? These are some of the things to look for and then there is personality too. But that is much harder to judge correctly, because some of the biggest merkins have been some of the games greatest.

But overall, just because a teenager has made it to the NRL, doesn't mean a whole lot really other then he has beaten a bunch of his mates to the punch. But it could be for a whole lot of reasons and not necessarily that he is going to be a quality long term NRL player or he just doesn't take the next step. The trick is to stay there and a whole lot don't.

Most of us rated Robson, but only as an average player, which is what he was. No more, no less.
This reminds me of Kelepi Tanginoa. I wonder if he is now more suited to the NRL. Still only 27.


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His career started going downhill as soon he started caring more about the gym and the size of his biceps than his football progression.

I feel Tanginoa was at a time where these big muscles athletes where starting to dominate and he looked like the HULK. But it wasn't long before sides realised you need mobility and endurance just as much.


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@TheRam Could you imagine Gronk stumbling in with his tiny pee pee. Most likely a cubicle guy that gets stage fright at the urinal troff as he locks the door to feel nice and safe so nobody sees his twiggy stik? They'd mistaken him for a kindergarten child.
Id rather shit in my hands and clap.


Agree. Naiduki has the physical attributes to be good also. Unsure his skill level thou.But if knows how to catch and defend he has the raw power and speed. Built like a tank.

I liked what I've seen of Hollis but I get impression he isn't rated that highly. I felt he covers ground in defense very well. Perhaps his run game is to weak for NRL but I'd need to see more.

I have a feeling Hands might be a suprise packet of the bunch.😉
Hands and Moretti to surprise us.

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