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Rumours and Stuff

84 Baby

What do you want him to do but? Wait 7yrs to build the juniors who may not even be good.
They had to buy
Got no problem with them picking guys who haven’t even pulled on their jersey. Doesn’t mean Gus isn’t a hypocrite but. He plays the media game and as @King-Gutho94 said above, it’s bullshit that he’s allowed to play on both sides. The Lakers were fined by the NBA because Magic Johnson said Giannis Antetokounmpo is a good player, compare that to how often Gould says a player is good or bad, or berates referees, or says something is wrong with the game. Then after considering that, think about Penrith’s trajectory from when he started there.


Post Whore
There’s a bit of a rumour doing the rounds that this week could see a player swap that would see Adam Doueihi head to the Eels and Mitch Moses come to the Tigers. Would you guys be up for that swap?

Depends on price. I am unsure either Doueihi would suit D.Brown tho


Fair enough. I reckon it’s looking increasingly likely that Moses is coming our way. It’s believed he’s coming in to see Sheens for another meeting this week.
My mail is he's meeting with Sheens so he can give the senile merkin a wedgie and spit in his face and say "that's what I think of your offer pops" before leaving a steaming turd on the bonnet of Justin Pascoe's car and then burning rubber out of the Concord car park.... To sign with the Dolphins....


This insideout merkin has just started an account here. He has a total of 3 posts all in this thread. He has no idea about anything. Dumb merkin.