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All the culture in the world can’t stop a single individual from being an idiot.

Don’t put that on the club or BA

if anything we’ve had less of these off-field issues of any of the clubs in recent years.
We only started having less incidents when we incorporated a no dickheads policy. However some peanuts seem to still be here.
Maybe the media manager coached the players to make cat and dog noises? These days it is encouraged to identify as whatever you want.

Has anyone thought to check whether or not people who identify as a cat or dog can be charged with sexual touching?

I dunno, they're trans-species I guess. There's a white guy on Youtube who has decided that he should have been born African-American, and describes himself as 'trans-race'. He gets one of his friends to show pictures of him in 'blackface' to actual African-Americans and asks them if it is ok to be trans-race. He gets some interesting responses.


This is why we need fitzy running the club again...

We were a powerhouse with him running the show, and if he was in charge right now, then brown would be playing this week, and Hadley would be singing us praises....


First Grade
We only started having less incidents when we incorporated a no dickheads policy. However some peanuts seem to still be here.
The media lap up it up when Latrelle and Souffs players clown around making noises and interjecting interviews, the same with just about every club when they do it. The insufferable Michelle Bishop with her bias agst Parra and Hardley , Carayannis etc, just pile it on. Then the media seem to be concerned with how little regard the fans hold them in. Go figure.


Isn't he injured atm with a serious bowel issue
Yeah, sounded like he’d be unlikely to play again this season. Wouldn’t be a bad outside back option though. And he’d join the list of players that have joined us after scoring against us in Grand Finals.
If I’m BA I’m whipping the team into a frenzy this week. Closed doors it’s us verse them setup.

Smash Dogs by a ruthless score then at the opening of the pet game presser say “I’m ready to start meow”. Without breaking so much as a smirk.
I wish. But typically he will treat it just as another game. The joker could not get them up for the Grand Final.


First Grade
Penrith and Canberra are locked in a battle to prise boom half Ethan Sanders out of Parramatta.
Sanders is regarded as one of the best young playmakers in the game and Sport Confidential understands that he has already spoken to the Panthers and Raiders as they look to add youth and quality to their playmaking ranks.

The Eels are confident they can keep Sanders, although his path to first grade is blocked by a pair of big names on lucrative long-term deals.

Dylan Brown, currently sidelined under the game’s no-fault stand down policy, recently signed a contract that could result in him staying at Parramatta until the end of 2031.

Moses also signed a multimillion-dollar extension earlier this year which could see him remain at the club until the end of 2027.

Sanders, named player of the match in the SG Ball final earlier this year, has already been likened to Cooper Cronk and rival clubs are circling with intent.

Penrith’s interest is noteworthy. The club’s current half Nathan Cleary is locked up for the long-term but his halves partner Jarome Luai has one year remaining on his contract and is likely to attract significant interest from elsewhere.

The Panthers’ cap is tight and they may not be able to match any offers. It makes sense to have a contingency plan in place and Sanders may be that man.

As for the Raiders, they are on the lookout for a half capable of filling the Jack Wighton void and forming a combination with Jamal Fogarty.

Sport Confidential understands they have also held talks about former Sydney Roosters half Lachlan Lam, but Sanders shapes as an investment in the future.

Parramatta are well aware of the interest and are doing their best to show Sanders he has a future at the club.


Charlie Staines could be on the move with the Eels considering making an immediate play for the Wests Tigers flyer.

Staines is on the comeback trail after suffering a perforated bowel in a match against the Sea Eagles in April. The serious injury has halted his first season at the Tigers.

It is unclear when Staines, who lost 5kg because of the injury, will return to the field. The Eels are in the market for a speedy outside back before the August 1 trade deadline and Staines fits the bill given his ability to cover fullback and wing.

Staines only joined the Tigers from the premiership-winning Panthers on a 12-month contract. Since he has been sidelined rookies Jahream Bula and Junior Tupou have cemented their spots and fullback and on the wing respectively.


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