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Rumours and Stuff

It just occurred to me,...does anyone think sivo gets suspended on purpose so he can miss out on games cause he doesn't want to play??

No. Well, literally at least one person seems to think so coz they liked your post.

He still has to train, so I can't really see what's in it for him. Just coz someone doesn't get as stuck in as they might doesn't mean they don't want to play full stop. He might not care as much as another player about missing out but that's a different thing.

Matty Bhoy

Off topic but does anyone have issues logging in with their membership and attempting to buy something from the online store? Having a bastard of a time. Is the online shop actually run by the club? If so I’ll just call them. Any help appreciated.

EDIT: Needed to enter Parra24 for the discount not my membership number. Must’ve missed that email.
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the phantom menace

First Grade
I know he was acquitted and it seemed (by reports) to be nothing but a disputed/incidental skirt touch, but I don't think we can under-estimate the potential impact of Sivo facing those allegations in Fiji a while back on his playing confidence/performance either.

Legal Eel

Yeah you definitely want to get more ball to your worst players. What a great strategy.
So it’s a definitive strategy to ensure our squad is worst in the three quarters?

makes no sense.

if you are saying that this is a strategy adapted to accommodate our weaknesses out wide, I think the question must then be asked why we have ensured out three quarters have been weak for four seasons now.

Either it is a deliberate strategy to be weak there for four years, or we are too inept to fix it