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Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

He became a man at Parra. At the Tigers he looked like a malnourished version of Jason Taylor with poorer defence. He isn’t going back to the rabble. He isn’t stupid or greedy.

Let’s be serous for a moment.
If you cut out and send in the coupons on 10 packets of wheaty scrumpets, you go into the draw to win his used mouthguard.

6 mouthguards to give away, signed by Moses with a DNA certificate authenticating same.
@Avenger is not even having a proper troll swing.

He’s making Rhyno look like a f**king brain surgeon.

I hate to see a former representative troll go into a decline. You just want to put them out of their misery, unplug them or something. Maybe this is a preason event.

Moses is the biggest whore in the game. I’m loving it. The eels should surrender, it’s humiliating.

I like the eels fans and I want a room with Bea Arthur -but ffs they have a footy team full of locker lickers.
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Hey Hey come out and play.

Its the latest fashion
Beas latest disease
Eels leaving except for dBrown
Offering unders saying please

Boofhead cat and King Gutho
The prick called RCG
Jacob Arthur got the free pass
Sitting on his dads knee.

Hey man, are you talking to the Tiges?
Take him out
You gotta keep ‘em seperated

Hey man, are you disrespecting eels?
Take him out
You gotta keep ‘em seperated

Hey Mitch don’t pay no mind
we’ve got 1.4 you so won’t be left behind
hey hey come out and play!

On this happy news of Mitches intended high treachery:

We get Mitch lads, life as we know it changes.

Night turns into day.

The cleansing of the game shall commence in earnest.

No other club shall be spared.

Let the whole forum tremble!

I am looking forward to poncing around the forum owning all the f**kwits who have been nasty to us.
Don't give up ur day job Brother.
Keeping pouncing. People don't have to be nasty to the tigers. They can just tell the truth and you will get upset. Complaining to anyone who will listen.


First Grade


Tigers backrower Alex Seyfarth has reportedly knocked back a lucrative three-year deal to remain in Sydney due to his pregnant wife.

The 24-year-old was reportedly offered a contract with the Warriors to join Andrew Webster’s revamped team according to WWOS.

However, Seyfarth and his partner want to remain close to family for when their child is born.

As it stands, Seyfarth is without an NRL deal past 2023 and the Tigers are reportedly yet to table a new contract.

Report suggest he is no certainty to be granted an extension under Tim Sheens with several young forwards fighting for positions in Leichhardt.