Schedule chance for next week (Brisbane fans, call Qantas, stat!!!)

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    Hey, Brisbane Bulls fans!

    Want to see championship rugby league? (Yeah, you do, or else you wouldn't be Bulls' fans!)

    Want to travel somewhere other than New Zealand or Tonga or Quahog, or worse yet, NSW (you've seen too much whinging Blues already, right??)

    Want to compete against a Grand Finals contender? (No, not from 1932 ESL!)

    Then call Qantas - NOW!!!

    There's a charter leaving Brisbane for Sao Paulo tomorrow! Best of all, thanks to the stupidity of the Coalition AND Pauline Hanson AND Labour, as well as the Qantas board being totally crazy, that flight will only cost $29.99 - round trip!

    Even better, if that chartered 777 fills up, Qantas guarantees this price for the next twenty-four filled 777's!

    And better still, you'll have plenty of room, because this game, against the defending Grand Finalists of Ponte Preta Billy Goats, will not be played in their nearby home city of Campinas, at the beloved Estadio de Moises Lucarelli...

    ...but at the famed Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo, otherwise known simply as Morumbi...

    ...oh, did I forget? There WILL be beer - lots of VB, as they're sending a 26th 777 full of it to Sao Paulo!

    Call the Brisbane Bulls ticket office now, get your passport and your Visa now...

    ...because you can watch two of the best teams in the world play under the Brazilian stars...but you can't take American Express...

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