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Season ‘22


First Grade


First Grade
It was more about not playing players in FG if they have signed elsewhere?

I read it. I don't agree with it for us as a club depending on the situation. I would have kept Luc and I'd play Garner and Tuilagi mainly because we don't have the players to replace them.

I'm more interested in if we have gun juniors coming through. We need them. Hopefully Matamua is a good one.

Das Hassler

Well on the bright side we only have to wait 7 games now until Koriosau and Papalii are available to fight for a starting spot (insert cough cough here)....out of the remaining 7 games only 2 points remotely possible and that's only if Griffin is somehow still hanging onto his job and the dragons want him gone.

Vic Mackey

I like this kid. He has given me some hope we won't get rolled in the forwards every 2nd game going forward.

He hasnt attracted the hype due to how shit we've been but he's come into grade better then Stefano did (who made the Origin squad after 12 games), which is remarkable considering he's about 18 months younger then Stef was.

As bad as this season's been at least the likes of Pole, Tupou and Matamua have got a taste of first grade and looked at home. Hopefully Tumeth won't be far away.

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