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Season 2022 - Positive Only Thread


Back onto positives… I always get so nervous when we play in finals matches, don’t have to worry about that this year 👍
I get nervous before every match. Also don't have to worry about that for the rest of the year.

Still Nutty

1) We have developed a 'local' junior(from Nabiac) that actually looks the goods of being a genuine first grade NRL footballer - he seems to be a genuine quality player that has a decent motor, has impact in defence and attack and appears to have an offload in him - I think Croker will be a pack leader in years to come for this club - this article tells you a lot about him and the way he is seen by the coach and within the squad https://www.newcastleknights.com.au...s-everything--croker-set-to-make-dream-debut/

2) we still have one of the best props in the comp in Klemmer to show him the way and how to play at 100% every time you cross that white line...even when other, more highly paid players around you are showing a significant lack of ticker and pride in their jersey
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