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Sharks team vs Licorice allsorts Panthers

Wilton benched is one good thing. Cant see him in the top 20 when all players are back. Tollman and Woods would have to be the hardest and greatest Props going around,lmfao.
Are you Channeling the Stake version of Sarcasm ? Where's the plug for Chads kicking game ?
They will put 60 on us . Once they start scoring , they will have the roll on. 15 min from the end and 90% of our petrol will be gone. They might even get over 70 if they loose conversions . Just go for tries.

I suppose If you prepare for the worst ...,and its not THAT bad it makes the reaming a little easier..... From a fans perspective anyway .... Or maybe not.:(

Tiger Shark

I honestly don't know if I'm going to watch this game, only so many ass beatings one person can take.