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Discussion in 'Sydney Roosters' started by Valheru, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Valheru

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Always nice to beat the scum but let's be honest we were pretty average especially in discipline and ball handling.

    I dont necessarily think that is a bad thing as i would rather a drop in performance in these last few rounds than in the finals.

    I thought our defence was on point with only the lucky try in the first half and the blindside play in the 2nd our only breaches despite all the possession against us. Robbo i thought schooled siebold with the gane plan completely nulifying their forwards and cook. It will be interesting how souths are reffed from here because they were absolutely surrendering in tackles at first touch in an attempt to get quick play the balls.

    Having said all that, had we held on to the ball and got our share of possession i think we score 3 more tries. The boys do look close to a loss though after a perfect month.

    3 cronk - i thought he was tremendous with what little ball he had and organising the team.
    2 cords
    1 radley

    I don't want the club to go MP chasing from here. Let's ramp up that training and taper off before the parra game. Please rest any players that have even an inkling of injury from here on out. If we are still good enough to finish first then so be it.
  2. Tommy Smith

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    Mar 4, 2004
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    Yeah the thought of another Minor Premiership is strangely traumatising after 2014-15. I'd like to finish 2nd and face Melbourne at home wk 1 as opposed to getting them in a knock out Prelim. Leave Souffs with that honour.

    Just a few stats from last night's game...

    45% possession
    70% completions
    10 tackles in attack vs 31 for Souffs
    51 more tackles made
    More pens conceded obviously

    And we still won. That surely has to be demoralising to Souffs.

    Marry together that defensive effort with the attacking effort vs the Dragons and we'll belt anyone.

    Very hard to dish out the 3 2 1s this week...

    3. Cronk
    2. JWH
    1. Manu

    Special mentions to Radley Cordner and Fergo.
  3. Babyface O'reilly

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    Hard to get a gauge on this game. You can’t underestimate the effects of Keary’s absence had on our attack although I do agree that Cronk really stepped up last night. Plus they had players missing. So who knows what could’ve been. Would’ve loved O’Sullivan to get some big game experience last night. All week we heard how Souffs have the better pack and they were gonna run through the middle of us which of course didn’t happen and for that, I’m giving points to our forwards. Also what was pleasing was that we had no trouble working the ball out of our end zone. I’m optimistic. There’s a 2013 familiarity for me.

    3. JWH
    2. Cords
    1. Napa
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  4. roostersrule2

    roostersrule2 Bench

    Sep 15, 2013
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    3. Cronk
    2. Radley
    1. JWH

    Beast of a performance, we are now the out right definite best team in the comp. Even without Keary who is the key to our attacking flair we still got need the job done.
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  5. Jack_Napier

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    Aug 16, 2011
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    Don’t think either coach will be too bothered by that one tbh. Both were off their games, we just have much much better defence. Can’t over state how much calmer and composed we looked despite not playing well. I put that down to Cronk and his control. I thought he was fantastic last night. He had complete control over the side and the rest just followed.

    We can get a whole lot better, which is very pleasing. Our pigs stand up and we’ll go along way in this competition.

    We need Keary to really be able to ally more pressure through the scoreboard. With him back we score more and the defence looks even more daunting.

    3 - Cronk
    2 - JWH
    1 - Radley. How good is it seeing our freshest player basically becoming a pack leader in his first 10-15 games. Haven’t had this much man love for a player since cords came on the scene.
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  6. Captain Apollo

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    Oct 1, 2013
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    3 points: Jared Warea-Hargreaves.

    2 points: Cooper Cronk.

    1 point: Joseph Manu.
  7. H.H

    H.H Juniors

    Jan 22, 2011
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    Felt we could quite easily have put another 2-3 tries on them. Always seemed one pass away and that probably comes down to missing keary.

    3 - JWH
    2 - Radley
    1 - Cronk

    Jeez Manu is becoming a player - very honourable mention to him. Cords and the rest of the pack very strong too.

    It’s becoming very real guys.
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  8. Headless Chook

    Headless Chook Juniors

    Mar 14, 2010
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    3 Cronk. I’ll never bag Pearce but I wonder if we win this game if he was still playing with us. Cronk is doing exactly what they bought him for, and again he did it without Keary. A beautifully controlled game.

    2. JWH. In fact all the big blokes got the job done.

    1. Fergo.
  9. Captain Apollo

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    Oct 1, 2013
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  10. Bgoodorgoodatit

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    May 13, 2008
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    3 Cronk
    2 JWH
    1 Manu

    As other have said not a lot to take form that other than the quality of of defense and the performance of the pack.

    Way too many unforced errors that will cost us come September if we cant sort it out. Not all errors are created equal.. if we drop one as a result of a good hit or trying someone in the attacking 20 then i don't mind so much. what we cant do is give away two penalties in possession, throw blatant forward passes out of dummy half and hold the ball out in one arm while getting up to play the ball.

    also Loved the way Cronk was getting everyone together after scoring points to lay down the law and make sure we were switched on to the task of completing the following set.
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  11. Lambretta

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    Not entirely sure as I was drunk, so I should probably watch the game again

    Hargreaves was giving loads of effort, so I will give him 3
    Cordner - kept turning up so 2
    Radley - solid once more - 1
    Manu - special mention
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