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Souths game


First Grade
Sorting him out - getting in his dial , drilling him everytime he got the ball , closing down his options , mopping up his breaks : they're all skills. A decent lock forward would be shadowing his every move.
Munster thrives in the modern game because he does play a bit of adlib & there is no second line of defence. Once a break is made you only have the Fullback to contend with. Watch Munster in any game & you'll see him constantly offside , coralling the attack back toward the ruck & nothing is done. He's also not averse to questionnable tackling techniques which go unpenalised.
Yeah he's one of the better Players at present but a Bloke who resorts to illicit substances off-field I dare say would not think twice about enhancing his playing performance by whatever means. Melbourne have had these issues over time & we dare not mention the links between T. Robinson's Brother , Essendon & Danks. Good luck to B.Smith going to the Roosters - he should have a WOW of a time there (particularly on the Party scene).
Mate I don’t want to sound like a dick because maybe you don’t know this but I would say that between 30- 50 percent of the current NRL players have “resorted to” illicit substances off field.
Young people do drugs.
Young people with lots of money especially.
Cocaine is everywhere, Munster is not unique.


Me tonight

Yes, I've just registered my EPIRB, hopefully I don't have to use it tomorrow fishing, if so I'll be going down with the ship.


It is sad for me to say this but I have no confidence at all tonight with the side we have picked. I hope I am totally wrong but I can only see a bad loss, I have always tried to be positive as a supporter but the football they play & the inclusion of a number of players totally out of form leads me to that belief. I hope I am totally wrong BUT….


Before the Cowboys match I wrote, "I am looking for the start of a 2nd half improvement tonight otherwise it will be hard to justify paying $50 for my wife and I to sit on the WIN hill in the freezing cold on Thursday night to cheer on the boys vs the Rabbits".

Perhaps not surprising then that I am not at WIN tonight - hoping for a good performance does not warrant the $50 nor braving the cold. I still believe there is more potential in the overall squad than the team's performances reveal but this has been a season where positive teamwork has been on show for the briefest of periods with perhaps only games against the Panthers and Easts where those periods stretched to one half. It's no surprise then that so many on here are pointing to shortcomings of the coach and his selections.

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