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Spoilers Alert - Sharks Vs Bellamy’s Lot

Card Shark

All the sides around us deserve to be there. All can point to blown games, poor concentration, bad calls etc.

Well said Weapon.

I don’t subscribe to the crap about (not) relying on other results to get there.

Every team that makes the 8 relies on other teams results.

i.e. Storm needed Penrith to lose more games than them to win the minor premiership.

Card Shark

Didn't u just bag moylan?

Sure did.

He was in the team ahead of Metcalf for his experience to guide the team around & take pressure off young Trindall but just about everything he touched turned to shit.

Does not take away anything from the rest of the teams overall effort, resolve & the resultant outcome.

In fact, I’d suggest it adds to the credibility of everyone else’s effort.


First Grade
I think you guys are underestimating the Warriors , they won 3 in a row previous to last week and were still in that game till last 10 minutes , some poor game management cost them . Reckon they will be in this all the way .

This game is tailor made for the kiwis.
No pressure. They're liable to score 7 tries.
No Chad. The anchors off.
Last game of the season and they can go home - they will go out with a bang.

And the Tits..they're playing the game right now in their head.
Look for fifita to have absolute nightmare.


Oh Im chilled. I just happened to be privileged to know exactly what those two contracts were that you mentioned.
And from a clubs perspective, they actually got OK deals.
You never struck me for a prefect.

My point remains, Woods was over paid, underperforming and was absolute trash this year; bog average last year. As a result, I feel he was wildly overpaid.

The less than prefect comparison for those not as privileged to the exact such information as yourself, probably captured my point.

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