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Spring 2022

Cumberland Eel

In all seriousness, I had the merkin in a trifecta just then. He’s in the lead, gets into the straight, sits like statue and then decides to shake it up after 5 go past him!

f**k off back west to your sand-pit, you sand groping merkin!
even Worst Australian has left him behind mate it’s a Laqdar Ramoly state now


Post Whore
Had a rubbish day until the last @ Sydney and Melbun. Went from Jakey Arthur to Myth Moses in two races. The syndicate approves. Won more for them as usual.
Shit, I missed it. What happened?
Posted 3 wide the trip from the barrier. Came off the bit and wobbled around the turn and came in about 3-4 lengths off them for 4th place.

A perfect storm of turd. In hindsight, probably should’ve scratched but everyone was keen to get him back out there, so the trainer was in a tough spot. Damned if you scratch, damned if you don’t…

But we fight another day! He had a big blow. He’s pulled up well and we’ll find a more suitable 1400 on a drier track and hopefully draw a barrier. 😌

Getting Damian Lane back on would extra nice too.