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St George Vs The Tweed


First Grade
Put this up in the other forum but thought I'd chuck it up here too!

Picked up this booklet on ebay as I was born and raised on the Tweed (Bilambil) and am down there more often than not on weekends.

The area means a lot to me so when I saw this I had to snap it up. Thought some others might to have a look as I know some of us are down that way.






First Grade
The Husband's Commandments:

1. I am thy husband, thou shalt have no other boss.
2. Remember, but for me, thou wouldst still be an old maid.
3. Thou shalt not nag.
4. Thou shalt always treat thy husband respectfully.
5. Remember that thou keep thy husband in matches.
6. Remember to rise early, for thy husband liketh a good breakfast.
7. Keep thy hands from picking thy husband's pockets.
8. Thou shalt not give the glad eye to any man.
9. Thou shalt not conceal anything from thy husband.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy husband's wages.
11. See that all drinks, spirits and wines are purchased at:-


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