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Stadium sub-forum


I notice that there is a single thread in the main NRL forum which is devoted to discussion on stadiums. There are over 20K posts in that thread which makes finding and sharing information almost impossible.

Could we please have a sub-forum set aside to the discussion of Football Infrastructure? A forum specifically for stadium upgrades, new builds, training centres, proposals, etc.

There is an active stadium forum over on BigFooty and an inactive forum on Austadiums but both of those sites are obsessed with fumbleball and any discussions there would be dominated by AFL fans.

Case in point: There are a slew of new stadiums and upgrades in the pipeline around Queensland but there's no point posting about them piece-meal in such a large super thread as they'll be forgotten. There's also no point posting on a fumbleball forum as they're not going to be something that interests those people.

There are no other Australian-centric sites on the internet to discuss stadium developments and I think it would be a great addition to this community.

There is clearly a lot of interest in the subject and the forum would no doubt be active if we use the current super-thread as evidence.


Staff member
We've been asked this prior and there simply hasn't been the interest.

If more posters support the request then we will consider it. Or should I say remove your ad blocker and we'll consider it.