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zombie jesus

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House of Carr have the highest ever weekly score of 306.73 in week 4 this season, the only team to ever crack 300

Adrian Clayborn has the highest individual score ever of 59.90 against the Cowboys in week 10 last year which included 6 sacks, 32 sack yards, 7 QB hits, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 3 tackles for a loss and 6 tackles. He was a free agent at the time and this performance accounted for half his points that season.

The Turkey Holes have the honour of owning the highest non-starter score, Derrick Henry's 47.8 via 4 TDs and 238 rushing yards in week 14 this year.

Highest scoring game happened in week 4 this season between the Hangmen (252.87) and Diamond Dogs (287.17).

Three seasons in and some teams have yet to crack a win over others
Spider 2Y Banana own Neckties by Night Train
Orange Crush owns the Hangmen, No Fly Zone, Neckties and Turkey Holes
Gronk Spiked Punch owns the Dreamweavers
Hangmen own the Turkey Holes and Dreamweavers
No Fly Zone owns Spider 2Y Banana
Diamond Dogs own the Hangmen
Las Vegas Outlaws own the Sultans
Dreamweavers own the Outlaws


That HoC score of 300+, and then to go off a cliff for only 3 wins was nutty.
Just found this thread. The funny thing about that game is that it took me to a 3-1 record.

Well, funny is the wrong word. Depressing is better.

Didn’t win a single game after that. A combination of Kamara losing reps when Ingram returned from suspension, all my other RBs that got any okay going on IR, Carr and Newton playing like shit and all my WRs receptions falling off a cliff.

But hey, that’s fantasy football.


Neckties started year 1 strong early, faded late and are now an embarrassment. I tried to be a little different with my first couple of drafts and whiffed badly. FA not much better. Need to lift.


Side note I have made the playoffs every year but never won a playoff game

2016 - 1st round put up a shit score & got rolled by GSP
2017 - #1 seed & bye only to get beat by the Diamond Dogs by less than a point 190.19 - 189.3
2018 - 1st round put 209.9 points & still lost to GSP again with 216.58