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Sullivan for Flanagan Swap


Sloan and Sulli for the Fox and Burton. Two young players with potential but yet to nail down a starting spot vs two proven and high quality first graders.

Or they can have Hunt and pay his wage and we will take Flanagan Jr and use the spare cash to target a top hooker.


the only change we should be looking at right now is Hunt to 9 and Sullivan to 7. Sloan is another problem however, I have him moving to 6 in 2023 and Amone moving to lock.

F Molo, M Molo, and De Belin in the prop rotation together with a new first-grade prop.

1. Ramsey
2. Matt Feagai
3. Sulie
4. Lomax
5. Ravalawa
6. Sloan
7. Sullivan
8. F Molo
9. Hunt
10. M Molo
11. Burns
12. Su'A
13 Amone

14. Mbye
15. De Belin
16.. New prop
17. Bird

Coach Flannigan - 3-year deal
Assistant - Barrett - attacking coach

Dragon David

Well this article....
........certainly has come out of the blue.

There is no way that this will happen. The Dragons can be dumb but not this dumb surely. Anyway they have canned it as per the article.

It would be the biggest joke that even Seinfeld couldn't write a script for. Sullivan has been injured a fair bit, hasn't played a full first grade game in the half back position and is signed to the end of 2025. Kyle Flanagan did reasonably good at Cronulla which is why the Roosters signed him to take over from Cronk (not many can replicate Cronk and Kyle certainly didn't and the Bulldogs has given him a lifeline but probably he will be ending up on the scrap heap).

These journos can certainly drum up things. Flanagan senior is probably none the wiser.