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Tariq Sims


The question is, who will replace Sims? From what I've seen, Bird is a better five-eighth than he is a left edge forward. Burns is still a work in progress and most of the other current candidates are off contract at the end of this season.

Given Sims is reportedly on 800k p/a and given we have so many that may move on at the end of this season, I'd like to see Saints splash out on a quality edge forward. My Michael Molo is the answer however, he is also un-tested right now. He may just be the a candidate for the position.
honestly wtf do you actually watch.


Bellyache will 100 percent making him a better player. Don’t fool yourselves into believing otherwise.

He is more likely to use him appropriately, get him service where and when he will excel. And playing with better players will lift his standard in training and in games.

if I were in the same situation I would leave 100 percent of the time.

I am a dragons supporter. But that doesn’t stop me from calling it how it is. I think some of you don’t like to call it for what it is because you feel like you’re cheating on your club.

We are a f**king shambles. I wouldn’t want it play for us at the moment either.
What position do you play?

dragon thomo

I have no issue with Simms going.
It would be good to have a replacement for him.
I feel a good spine for us at the moment would be,
Hunt to hooker
Sullivan to half back
Mbye to 5/8
Sloane to fullback
Amone to 14.
It's a shame it will not happen.