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Team list Tuesday GRAND FINAL 2/10/22: PARRAMATTA EELS v Penrith Panthers


Staff member
Sorry guys, this game cant come quick enough (after enjoying the week)

Its our time......surely

Got tickets and accomodation sorted weeks ago

Who else is going?

Who do we prefer to play ? I dont think any of us really care


Just stopping by to say congrats and I’ll be cheering you guys on.

As a Knights fan it feels like an eternity since 2001, so I can only imagine what it’s like for you guys.

Go win that premiership which has been years in the making now for your club.


On the one hand playing team 7 in the grand final should give us our best chance of winning, but Souths just seem to have our number and seem to have us beat before we even take the field.

Our games against Penrith whilst not all wins we play them close and always seem to be a chance against them.

Don't care who we play really. Just glad we're there and if we carry on that final 20 minutes we're every chance of bringing it home. just can't have a repeat of the first half of the prelim.


Post Whore
Souths and Penrith to play a 300 min golden point game with the winner having to field a reserve grade team in the GF because all 17 players broke their penis during the game.
I reckon you'd probably make the effort to play a GF with a broken penis

Happy MEel

First Grade
With our slide defence, I reckon we’re a much better prospect against Souths. I’m not sure why it’s taken us this long to switch from an up and in, but I don’t care. We’ve finally found what works and let’s f**king belt whoever we play.

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