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Team List v Raiders


First Grade
And thank Christ Goodwin isn’t there even with all the outs. Nene was rubbish too, but I’m holding out hope his issues are more fitness related and he can improve. Poor old goodwins legs are too old for nrl.

Version IV

Prediction that Brailey gets injured this week.

Hooker this week should be Tracey with Mr Magoo off bench

Give Uele a week off and give Vasquez a go last game before finals be interesting to see how Vasquez stands up


First Grade
Raiders have rested Charnze, Rapana, Croker, Wighton, G Williams, Papalii, Bateman, Whitehead, and Tapine.

That’s just who I can think of. They’re going for too four still, seems strange that they would rest the core of their team. Maybe they want to play us again. Can’t blame them if I’m honest.

Card Shark

I was gunna post that it was time for Moylan to earn his keep but alas, he’s still out.

As much as he shits me, if he’s fit in 2 weeks, I play him ahead of Chad in the finals.
The more interesting thing about our side is who was not picked.
Here's our list of injuries according to NRL.com
Cronulla Sharks
  • Josh Dugan (knee, TBC)
  • Wade Graham (suspension, round 20)
  • Chad Townsend (suspension, finals week one)
  • Matt Moylan (hamstring, season)
  • Shaun Johnson (Achilles, season)
  • Royce Hunt (knee, season)
  • Bronson Xerri (suspended, indefinite)
  • Cameron King (ACL, season)

I read a couple of weeks ago that Ferris was available, if so why isnt he getting mentioned? I thought he had a great debut game.
Trindall---- hmmm. Him and Ferris are off contract arent they? Maybe their non-picking has somethig to do with this. Who knows.

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